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Broncho Blueprint

Be the Architect of Your Academic Experience at UCO

Broncho Blueprint is designed just for you as a first-year UCO student to lay a foundation for learning what you can do with your UCO degree. Broncho Blueprint offers you:

  • Early exposure to your chosen discipline;
  • Experiences designed for building professional skills and personal development;
  • Opportunities to work alongside faculty mentors;
  • Growth in career readiness and transformative learning;
  • Personal leader identity development;
  • Two credit hours required in the UCO University Core; and,
  • The chance to join the Broncho Blueprint community alongside other disciplines.

About the Broncho Blueprint Experience

The University College is continuing to launch Broncho Blueprint this fall in collaboration with partners in every academic college and the Forensic Science Institute. Plan now to get started constructing your career in your first UCO semester. Space is limited for the fall 2022 semester. Share your interest today in the Broncho Blueprint course of your choice.