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Academic technologies are provided to assist in achieving the University’s mission to help students learn through transformative education experiences. The Technology Resource Center provides support, consultations, training and information on the supported Academic Technologies available to UCO faculty, staff and students. While Learn@UCO (D2L), the official learning management system at UCO, is the most widely known, many additional academic technologies are available to enhance and enrich a variety of different classroom experiences, both face-to-face and online.  

Learn more about the technologies we support and how to get started using each with the resources below.  

 Have questions? Technology Resource Center staff is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm for assistance, questions and a variety of other support models. Contact the TRC today to find out how we can help you at or 405.974.5595.  

Learn@UCO (D2L)

Learn at UCO D 2 L

Learn@UCO (Desire2Learn) is the official Learning Management System (LMS) for all classes at UCO. Through Learn@UCO, instructors can upload content, provide a variety of assessments and engage with students through an assortment of communication tools for both on-campus and online courses. Additional tools are available in D2L including the ePortfolio, the Learning Object Repository (LOR) and Analytics. Together these tools work seamlessly to provide a comprehensive Personal Learning Environment for students at UCO.


e portfolioThe D2L ePortfolio tool gives students the opportunity to highlight accomplishments from both in and out of the classroom. With tools that make it easy to add, reflect on, share and present digital files, showcasing your learning has never been easier. In addition to providing an excellent set of resources for highlighting experiences, accomplishments and skill sets for potential employers, grad school applications, internship opportunities and more.

turn it in dot comTurnitin ensures original work by checking submitted papers against web pages, student papers and leading library databases and publications. Turnitin shows how much of the student's paper matches content from databases so instructors can quickly understand how much of the paper is unoriginal through an Originality Report. Turnitin is fully integrated with Learn@UCO (D2L) allowing instructors to generate reports and provide feedback directly through the Learn@UCO (D2L) system with no added accounts or logins required.

Classroom Technology

Classroom CaptureThe University of Central Oklahoma recognizes the importance of providing technology to its Faculty and Students in pursuit of the Central's academic mission. The majority of classrooms at Central are equipped with a video projector and computer for displaying materials to the class. Some classrooms feature additional technology such as a Smart Board™ or Video Conferencing technology. Contact your building tech support to learn about the resources available in your classrooms. 

Turning Tech (Clicker)

Turning Tech ClickersA student response system, also known as a "clicker", is a great tool for supporting active learning in your classes. Use Turning Point Cloud from Turning Technologies, the official and supported student response system solution at UCO, to gather immediate feedback, increase engagement, and deepen learning for all students. Turning Technologies provides the opportunity to participate using a clicker device or other mobile technology through an app. 


smart boardCreating engaging learning opportunities by integrating SMART Board Interactive White Boards into your lectures or presentations. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work - all with the simple touch of a finger. SMART Boards are located in various classrooms across the UCO campus. Contact the Service Desk to learn more.


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect system is a web conferencing software service offering immersive online meeting experiences for small group collaboration and virtual classrooms. Adobe Connect meetings give instructors the ability to conduct synchronous classroom sessions regardless of location or device through the use of tools such as polling, application/desktop sharing, audience participation, both video and text based chats, and many more. Through the integration with Learn@UCO (D2L), Adobe Connect allows students to access instructor created sessions straight from their Learn@UCO (D2L) courses; no additional sign up or sign in necessary!



Respondus allows you to easily create exams that can be loaded into a Learn @ UCO course, or printed. It also lets you take exam test banks that are already in a Learn @ UCO course, or exam test banks provided with a textbook and load them into Respondus. Instructors can search the Respondus Test Bank Network and request publisher test banks for the textbooks they have adopted for their courses. The test banks are free and are already formatted for use with Respondus and StudyMate saving hours of prep time creating exams for your courses.



LockDown Browser

Lockdown browser

The Respondus LockDown browser is an application developed to help curb academic dishonesty during online exams and increases faculty confidence in online testing. The LockDown browser creates a secure, locked testing environment for students to complete their online quizzes or exams. Faculty have the choice to enable the LockDown Browser when creating quizzes or exams within their Learn@UCO (D2L) courses. Once enabled, students will be required to install the LockDown Browser on their computer and then launch the program before completing their online quiz or exam. 


Qualtrics The Qualtrics survey suite is a powerful research tool available to all UCO students, faculty and staff. Qualtrics can be used for course evaluations, experimental research, applications/registration, gathering feedback, classroom research and data analysis, and much more. With features such as branching, display logic, custom reports/visualizations and a variety of distribution methods, Qualtrics has the right tools for your project. 

Wiki Central
& Broncho Blogs

Wiki central and broncho blogsWiki Central and Broncho Blogs are UCO’s official supported wiki and blog solutions. Use wikis for collaboration with classmates, offices, or teams allowing for quick and easy edits by the entire team. Many departments and students are already using Broncho Blogs providing an easy way to follow your interests across campus. Or, if you have something UCO related to say, request your own blog today!

SoftChalk Cloud

Soft chalk

SoftChalk Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create and manage e-learning content for delivery inside or outside of a LMS. Build, customize and personalize content by mashing up your own materials with rich media (video, audio, images), interactive activities, quizzes and text. SoftChalk Cloud is available to all UCO Faculty and Staff and can be accessed anytime, anywhere by logging in to SoftChalk Cloud from their web browser.