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Departmental Purchases

The Central Tech Store is now the primary source for technology hardware purchases, as well as an additional source for technology accessory purchases.  A standardized list of technology has been organized and is available for purchase on the Central Tech Store website.

Anything Purchased from the Central Tech Store is Pre-Approved. Other Minimum Standards for Technology Include (authentication required):

  1. Hardware Standards  
  2. Software Standards 
  3. Multimedia Standards 

Technology components that are non-standard, specific approval must be obtained.

  1. Hardware Review and Quote Request
  2. Request for Software/Service - Review and Approval form.  Please allow 30 business days to process this request.

Software Agreements

Per Oklahoma law and Attorney General opinion, employees are not allowed to submit or sign any technology agreement including "click to accept" (even on free downloads or trial software) without UCO Legal and/or Office of Information Technology review and approval.

Marketing Domain Purchases

For more information on domains and how to request a domain, see Marketing Domains.


Personal Technology Purchases

The University of Central Oklahoma is proud to offer students, faculty, staff and departments special discounts on software, hardware and accessories!  UCO has entered into agreements with Adobe, Apple, Dell and Microsoft that allows the university to offer special pricing well below standard academic pricing. Visit the Central Tech Store for more information.

Personal Computer Recommendations

UCO's Technology Support recommends computer purchases from Dell and Apple. 

UCO strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to download and install Symantec AntiVirus Corporate for personal computers. Access to the free download is available through the Central Tech Store Online.

Please remember that all students, faculty and staff are subject to UCO's Technology and Network Usage Policy when utilizing any UCO computing or network resources. This includes the usage of personal computers over UCO's wireless or wired network.

Recommended Specifications