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Important Update:

Effective Monday, May 24, 2021, UCO will no longer mandate the use of masks or social distancing. Those who have not been vaccinated should continue to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. Those who have been vaccinated may continue to voluntarily wear a mask if they choose.

Important resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingVirtual Services | COVID-19 Website 

Resources for Extended Classroom and Other Delivery Methods

Many things have shifted in education over the last several months, and UCO is working diligently to ensure that both instructors and students have the resources necessary to shift. Starting in the fall 2020 semester, some courses may be offered in the Extended Classroom or other types of delivery formats. Learn more about the Extended Classroom format on the Academic Affairs webpages. 

These pages provide information, tools and other resources to ensure that faculty, staff and students have what they need to continue moving forward, regardless of the instructional method selected for their course(s). 


The Right Tools, Right Now!

Having the right tools and resources from the very beginning makes all the difference. Learners and instructors have different needs. Consider the following as you prepare for the fall semester:

  1. Stay Connected
    Make sure you are thoroughly reading all of UCO's official communication including email, Centralities and UCO's Coronavirus website. Set up your Central alerts so that you receive the latest information and follow UCO on social media and stay up to date with your colleagues or instructors' communication methods. 
  2. Review Your Available Technology
    If you will be teaching/learning from home, it will be incredibly important to make sure that you have the right technology available in your home. Consider your device(s); will they connect to the correct webinar platform easily and can you complete your work on them? Is your wireless connection reliable and fast enough to accommodate video conferencing? Do you have a headset and microphone that you can use to interact with your class and minimize audio feedback? 
    If you are unsure of what you need, consult the Personal Computer Recommendations knowledge base article for information on minimum computer and Wi-Fi requirements. 
  3. Upgrade Your Technology When Necessary
    If you can't fully participate in your course or find your technology is not as reliable as needed, take the time before the semester begins to upgrade your technology. Whether that means borrowing from a family member, purchasing new resources or checking out equipment from UCO, now is the time to get access to technology resources that will help make this a successful semester. It will be important to make sure you have regular, reliable internet access someplace where you can comfortably contribute to the course. Hot spots are a great solution for those who do not have or cannot get internet access at their location. 
    Need new tech? The Central Tech Store is available both on campus and online. For those who need assistance, you can check out equipment provided by the university by completing the request form. Note: The Equipment Checkout Program is provided for individuals who are unable to obtain their own equipment and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  4. Practice Early and Often
    As with all things in life, the more you practice, the easier a task becomes and the more comfortable you will feel. Don't wait until the first day of classes to see if you can log in to the webinar platform, turn on your mic/camera or try to figure out how to interact with your course. Take advantage of early training and virtual open labs to test your equipment and practice the steps necessary to connect to your course successfully. You may need a few more minutes to prepare for extended class sessions than you would for a more traditional face-to-face or online course and you will want to leave yourself enough time during the first week of class to not feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Links to Additional Resources

UCO Coronavirus Updates | Faculty Handbook | Department of Public Safety 

We're here to help.

If you need technical support with keeping your class/services running, search the online knowledge base or reach out to the UCO Service Desk. If you need assistance with Learn@UCO, contact D2L Support.

UCO Service Desk

The Technology Resource Center and Center for eLearning and Connected Environments are here to help. Instructors and learners are encouraged to reach out to the support resources today to schedule a one-on-one or small group overview of the resources available.