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Important Update:

Effective Monday, May 24, 2021, UCO will no longer mandate the use of masks or social distancing. Those who have not been vaccinated should continue to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. Those who have been vaccinated may continue to voluntarily wear a mask if they choose.

Important resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingVirtual Services | COVID-19 Website 

Access Your Resources | Communication and Collaboration | Phone Services |Things to Consider

Access Your Resources 

UCO provides staff and faculty with secure methods to access their work remotely. One of the most important features is accessing your files. Here are the secure methods UCO provides to access all your important files. So, prepare early and move those files out of your ‘My Documents’ and instead save them to OneDrive or your department FileShares. 
  • OneDrive 
    Part of the Office365 suite OneDrive provides one terabyte of cloud storage. Access your files from a desktop or mobile device. Remember social security numbers are not cleared for OneDrive storage. 
  • FileShare 
    The UCO FileShare provides a secure way for departments, groups and individuals to store files and documents across devices. Individuals can access their FileShare folders on any computer that requires a UCO login; this fileshare is called a P: Drive. Additionally, individuals can access their FileShares from personal devices using the VPN solution described below. For additional information on accessing your P:Drive (personal fileshare) or a department share, visit the knowledge base.  
  • VPN and Remote Desktop:
    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows individuals to securely access UCO resources while away from campus. The VPN acts as a connection between your device and the internet, providing an extra layer of security while accessing resources. While using the VPN, you also have the capability to remotely access your campus desktop computer. Refer to the VPN and Remote Desktop Guide for complete information on using these resources. 

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Communication and Collaboration 

Prior to working remotely, be sure to discuss the best methods of communication available. Teams is an Office 365 product that allows for easy file sharing, real-time editing, chat and video conferencing calls with colleagues. Ultimately establishing communication pathways/plans ahead of time leads to accomplishing important tasks when you are able to be in the office.

  • Office 365 Resources
    A variety of Office 365 tools are available to faculty, staff, and students at UCO. These resources allow individuals to collaborate, communicate, and work seamlessly from anywhere. Learn more about the different tools and how to get started on the knowledge base
  • WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams:
    WebEx is the newest edition to the webinar service offerings at UCO. WebEx Meetings is a video conferencing solution available from Cisco. This tool is focused on making it easy for participants to join video conferencing sessions from a variety of mobile devices and platforms. WebEx Teams is an easy-to-use collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere. WebEx Teams brings together messaging, file sharing, video meetings, whiteboarding, calling, and other tools you use to streamline teamwork and produce results faster. 
  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams is another new addition to the services available at UCO. A part of the Office 365 suite of tools, it is available to all faculty, staff, and students providing direct links to other 365 resources such as OneDrive, online Office tools, Outlook and more. Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your groups need to be more engaged and effective. Learn more about MS Teams, other Office 365 resources and how to use the tools in the knowledge base. Students will need to first activate their free Office 365 accounts to begin using Teams and other resources.
  • OneDrive:
    OneDrive files can easily be shared with individuals at UCO. This provides a straight forward way to make a batch of files, zip files, or other large size documents (such as videos, CAD, or Adobe files) available that may be difficult to upload or email. OneDrive also provides the functionality available with Office 365 resources such as online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Learn more on Microsoft Support.
  • Zoom:
    Zoom is one of the officially supported webinar tools available to UCO Faculty/Staff. It offers the ability to create online virtual meetings via the web using audio and video conferencing hosted service all supported via mobile devices, desktops, and room systems. Zoom also offers group messaging and screen sharing capabilities. Learn more about Zoom features and the difference between a basic and pro account in the knowledge base service description. Zoom is recommended only for individuals who already have Zoom Pro licenses. The basic license is NOT recommended as there are limitations.  
    Due to the recent security issues that have come to light in regards to Zoom, OIT recommends that users conducting confidential or sensitive discussions, including PHI, PII, or HIPPA related information, use one of the other UCO supported services. 

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Phone Services

It will be important to be able to communicate using your UCO issued phone number when not on campus. OIT recommends individuals use Webex Softphone to make and receive calls using your UCO extension from a desktop or mobile device (including your smartphone). Department phone lines that are distinct and do not auto-forward to another number should designate an individual to be responsible for the department extension and all calls should be forwarded from the department number to the individual's extension. Call groups or numbers that ring on multiple individual's lines simultaneously are not affected and do not need to be forwarded to another number. Call centers should reach out to the service desk for assistance and recommendations. 

Webex Teams must be installed on the device to use the Webex Softphone features. 

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Things to Consider – Checklist 

Success is in the details. Here are a few other items to consider if you are going to need to be away from the office for a while. 

  1. Set Out of Office Replies 
  2. Send Meeting Invites with Links to Virtual Meeting Spaces with Zoom or WebEx.
  3. Updating webpages and other resources with any changes in contact information, procedures, and expectations during the closure.

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We're here to help.

If you need technical support with keeping your class/services running, search the online knowledge base or reach out to the UCO Service Desk. If you need assistance with Learn@UCO, contact D2L Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Interested but don't know how to start? Contact the Technology Trainers in the TRC to schedule a one-on-one, small group or department-specific overview of the resources available and a discussion on what tools and processes are right for your team. | 405.974.5595


Want to start a discussion within your department about what actions to take? Use the simulation below provided by Indiana University to see how you can best take advantage of the resources available.