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The Information Technology division at the University of Central Oklahoma will be recognized as a first-rate organization that empowers, connects, enhances, and assists the overarching mission and needs of the university community by leveraging technology and industry best practices in support of the Central Six Tenets for a Transformative Learning Environment. We provide services in an open, communicative, collaborative and unifying culture. Information technology at the University of Central Oklahoma is provided in a secure, integrated, and efficient environment.


The division of Information Technology provides quality, effective and appropriate technology infrastructure, applications, and services in support of the university mission and empowers units with technology to achieve their goals.

students outside on lawn looking at a laptop screenGOALS

UCO’s Office of Information Technology’s goals were derived from themes shared by students, faculty, and staff for their UCO future, their technology needs, and their challenges or concerns. We strive to accomplish these themes on the following guiding principles:

  • Service Delivery: Internally known as our Starship Enterprise initiative, the Office of Information Technology aims to provide responsive service excellence via centrally managed university technology in terms of physical, logical, and strategic operations.
  • Advancement: The Office of Information Technology’s Rising Stars efforts are designed to develop strategies for professional development and growth to ensure employees are poised to serve the university with quality services delivered with a smile.
  • Availability: UCO Untethered is the theme of our overarching goal dedicated to providing secure, reliable access to university resources for students, faculty and staff.
  • Connections: Known to OIT as Connect to Communications, the initiative is the conscious effort to continuously communicate clearly with students, faculty, and staff our purpose, our values, and our information framework.
  • Innovate: The Office of Information Technology strives to “Show Me The Money!” by efficiently and effectively leveraging technology resources while developing revenue generation models for OIT personnel and services.
  • Defend: Providing to the best of our ability and within resource constraints, Data Defense by delivering a secure and private platform for information as a university asset.
  • Continuity: Organized to provide Real-time Recovery, OIT efforts to prepare and provide the best possible disaster recovery based on the university’s business continuity plan.