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Office of Information Technology


We empower the UCO community to use technology and innovative solutions to enhance learning moments and increase productivity.


To be the most empowering, innovative and truly helpful department at UCO.


We consistently provide reliable and innovative technological solutions to all UCO college, schools and divisions through a combination of quality, effective and appropriate infrastructure, applications and technology services.

students outside on lawn looking at a laptop screenVALUES

UCO’s Office of Information Technology’s values were derived from themes shared by students, faculty, and staff for their UCO future, their technology needs, and their challenges or concerns. We strive to accomplish these themes on the following guiding principles:

We are Helpful.

We exist to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. With every interaction, we aim to leave our students, faculty, and staff better off than where they started.

We Listen First, Act Second.

We listen first and act second. We aim to deeply understand the needs of our key stakeholders and develop both long and short term strategies to actively address opportunities to enhance student learning or improve the business processes of the university.

We are Focused on Outcomes.

We deliver relevant solutions to our clients. We realize technology changes quickly so we stay on top of the latest trends while focusing on solutions that provide long term best results. 

We are Technological Leaders.

We are thought leaders, driving innovation and technological change across campus in support of our goal of empowering the UCO community and enhancing moments of student learning.

We are Value Driven.

We are driven by a desire to create value for our clients. Success is not just fixing our clients’ problems – it’s empowering them to use technology in a way that improves how they work and communicate.