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Advanced Placement AP

General Information

AP exams are administered at authorized schools and test centers. Most high schools that offer AP courses choose to administer AP Exams to their own students as well as external AP students. Schools that opt not to administer AP Exams can refer students to another AP testing location. If test takers meet the minimum score requirements, they can receive college credit from the college they plan to attend.

In order to take an AP, you must be a high school student. To find out more information about APs or how to take them, please visit the College Board website.

Though Testing Services does not administer APs, UCO does accept them. Please see a list of AP exams that UCO accepts as well as minimum score requirements.

Please note that AP scores will not appear on your UCO transcript until you have completed 12 or more UCO credit hours. If you do not see them on your UCO transcript after you have completed the minimum number of credit hours, please contact Records at 405-974-2727.