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All courses taken on a study abroad program must be pre-approved by your respective department. The department chairperson, as well as your advisor, must sign a Course Evaluation Form indicating how each course will count toward your degree program.

It is the student’s responsibility to find the course description or syllabus for UCO courses and compare them with the course description and syllabus available at the host institution abroad.

  • You'll need to provide the course name, basic course description and syllabus (if available) to your respective college representative. They will assist you in determining potential course equivalents.
  • Each study abroad program webpage found in the UCO Study Abroad Portal has a link under the Academics section of courses available in English for each university. Remember that language programs abroad are taught in that language spoken in the country - not English.
  • The lists of courses for each program are not comprehensive, meaning they may not be complete or updated for the semester in which you plan to enroll. For example, if you plan to study abroad in spring 2020 and your host institution has yet to post the course descriptions for that term, you would use the course descriptions from the previous fall 2019 term in the approval process. 
  • Enrollment in selected courses is not guaranteed. It is always a good idea to pick a few extra courses to evaluate if by any chance your "first choice" courses are full or not available.
  • The enrollment process is different for each institution. Pay attention to deadlines and instructions for online enrollment. Don't forget to take time zone differences into account when enrolling online.
  • If course offerings change upon arrival in a country, you can obtain approval for different courses by working via email with your respective department representative and the director of Education Abroad.