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Visitor and Event Parking

Visitors to campus may park in areas that have been set aside for maximum visitor convenience and are identified by signs at entry points.. These pay-to-park lots are located east of the NUC (Lot 10), west of the Lillard Administration building (Lot 57), and north of the Chambers Library (Lot 31). Designated parking may be arranged for events outside of these lots with advance notice to TPS. Guests of an event who do not have a UCO parking permit will be subject to regular visitor rates and regulations if parking has not been arranged in advance.

Visitor Parking Rates 

There are three (3) visitor pay lots on campus: Nigh University Center Lot 10, Chamber's Library Lot 31, and West University Lot 57.

Hourly Rate - $1

Daily Rate - $10

Parking in pay station areas is subject to the time limitation imposed by the pay station. All vehicles parked in these areas between 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday must pay to park. Individuals parking in a pay station lot must know their vehicle’s license plate number and enter this information, along with payment, at either a pay station or via the Passport mobile application. If the vehicle has a temporary license plate, enter "VN" and the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Credit/debit cards, exact cash, or coupon codes are accepted. No refunds are given for overpayment or misuse of a coupon code.

Vehicles parked in pay station spaces where the paid time has expired or no payment has been made shall be subject to a “no proof of valid payment” citation.

Pay on Mobile

Pay station spaces may also be paid using a pay-by-cell feature through the Passport Parking App or through a phone call. Pay-by-cell starts at a minimum time of 30 minutes, increasing in 15-minute intervals up to four hours. With ten minutes left in the session, an alert will pop up, stating the time is nearly up, asking if the user would like to purchase more time. This option requires users to give their credit card information, which is secure and PCI compliant.

Visitor pay lots have unique zone numbers to be used within the Passport Parking app to indicate which lot the vehicle is parked in:

      NUC Visitor Pay Lot (Lot 10) = Zone 508

      Chambers Library Visitor Pay Lot (Lot 31) = Zone 208

      West University Visitor Pay Lot (Lot 57) = Zone 207

Pay at Station

Pay stations can accept exact cash, credit card, or a code (if provided by the department visiting or event host). Coins are not accepted at pay stations. Pay stations are unable to give change. Users will be able to extend time remotely if a credit card is used for payment.

The pay stations may also be paid using a pay-by-cell-phone feature through the Passport Parking App or through a phone call. This option does not require the user to access the physical pay station. The free Passport Parking app is downloadable on iOS and Android devices. Pay-by-cell starts at a minimum of 30 minutes, increasing in 15-minute intervals up to four hours of paid time. With ten minutes left in the session, an alert will pop up stating the time is nearly up, asking if you would like to purchase more time.

If the pay station is not working correctly or an error message appears on the screen, please call 405-974-2780 to report the issue. 

Departmental Parking Requests

Departments or organizations requesting reserved spaces, blocked lots*, or TPS personnel assistance should send the following information to two business days in advance:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Division
  • Payment Type(In-kind Funds, Departmental Funds, Pay Cash/Check Personally)
  • Event Name/Reason for Visit
  • Number of Vehicles Expected
  • Date(s)

*Due to the extensive labor required to shut down most parking lots, requests to reserve a lot are recommended to be requested at least two weeks in advance. Parking lot reservations are subject to availability and TPS discretion.

Departmental Parking Payment

Each division at UCO has been allocated a certain amount of parking dollars that can be used to pay for services from Transportation & Parking Services. These services could include visitor parking codes, event parking, or parking passes. Those wishing to access this fund will need to submit the online parking request form. Should the division designate determine that your request will be allowed to use parking dollars, they will approve your request and we will email you with further details.

If you do not want to request use of your division’s parking dollars or your division designate rejects your request, the department will be invoiced for the regular rates. Forms must be submitted at least 48 business hours in advance. Invoices for services will be sent at the beginning of the next month.

Division contacts

Academic Affairs - Lisa Kern
UCO Foundation/Development - Megan Gatlin
Finance and Operations - Teresa Keever
Information Technology - Jana Nickel, Ashley Glennon
President - Nancy Busby, Sandi Stewart
Public Affairs - Roberta Botello
Athletics - Contact Parking Directly
Student Affairs - Abigail Kuykendal
University Communications - Beth Buesing