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Virtual Parking Permit

With LPR, your license plate is your virtual permit. No more worrying about properly displaying your parking permit or transferring your permit between vehicles.

UCO Vanity Plate | Temporary Permits | Rental Vehicles | Benefits of LPR

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a virtual permit system that allows parkers to use their vehicle license plate as their parking permit. University vehicles equipped with cameras will be used to read license plates and verify permit status. When a license plate is scanned, the numbers of the plate are automatically reference against the parking database to verify proper parking privileges. If a scanned license plate number is not associated with a valid “permit” or is not being used correctly, enforcement is prompted to investigate further and potentially issue a citation.

Vehicle License Plate Registration

It is important that permit holders ensure their license plate and vehicle information is accurate and up to date. A citation will be issued if inaccurate license plate information is self-reported in the parking portal.

A valid UCO permit will still be required to park on campus, and there will be no changes to current lot classifications.

Students, faculty and staff can access the online Parking Portal to add, edit or delete vehicles from their permit by following the steps listed below. Up to 4 vehicles can be registered to a permit, but only one vehicle may park on campus at a time to avoid receiving a citation.

  • Click "Permits" in the top navigation bar, followed by "View Your Permits."
  • Login with UCO credentials.
  • Select the current active permit listed that you want to add a vehicle to.
  • Click "Add Vehicles to Permit" at the bottom of the page.
  • Check the box next to the vehicle(s) to be associated with the permit and select "Add the selected vehicle." If it is a vehicle not yet added to your account, select “Add a new vehicle” and enter the vehicle details to be added.
  • To remove a vehicle from a permit, select “Delete” next to the vehicle and hit “OK” from the pop up message. Please note this does not remove the vehicle from your parking account. If you have outstanding citations, you will not have the option to delete a vehicle.

If you are no longer using a vehicle and you would like it removed from your parking account, please contact the parking office via email at parking

Vehicle Orientation

All license plates must be visible from the drive aisle. A citation will be issued to vehicles that do not have their license plate visible from the drive aisle. Vehicles may not back in or pull through a space unless they have a front license plate. A UCO vanity plate can be purchased from TPS to provide flexibility when parking.

LPR Graphic

UCO Vanity Plates

Decorative UCO Front Plates can be purchased for $5 from the TPS office, Bausher Place room 201, if permit holders would like the option to park in any direction.

UCO Vanity Plate

Temporary Plates

If you have a temporary paper tag, you must register your vehicle online using “VN” and the last 8 characters of the VIN as the license plate and entering the full VIN number in the VIN field. Once a permanent plate has been issued, you will need to edit your vehicle information on your parking account.

Rental Vehicles

A temporary or rental vehicle will still need to be registered and linked to your virtual permit. When the vehicle has been returned and is no longer in use, the rental vehicle will need to be removed from both the virtual permit and parking profile as it may be rented and parked on campus by a different driver in the future.

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Benefits of LPR

LPR will streamline the annual permit renewal process and improve the parking experience on campus by provide the following benefits.

  • Eliminates waiting for the permit to arrive in the mail or visiting the parking office to pick one up.
  • Can switch between vehicles without having to move a permit or pick up a temporary pass.
  • Eliminates the possibility of a lost or stolen permit and having to pay a $25 replacement fee.
  • No more worrying about properly displaying a permit or it falling off the glass or rear view mirror.
  • Account updates are user driven and less susceptible to data entry error.
  • Enhances safety and security on campus by allowing officers to receive a notification of vehicles parked on campus that have an active crime alert attached, such as; Amber Alerts, stolen vehicles, etc.
  • Virtual permits are a sustainable initiative in eliminating the production, delivery and disposal of plastic permits, thus reducing fossil fuels and carbon emissions.