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Permit Replacements

Lost or stolen permits

There is a $25 fee to replace a lost or stolen permit. Should your permit be lost due to your vehicle being stolen, please bring a copy of the police report to the TPS office and only a $5 fee will be charged. 

The owner of record is responsible for reporting a lost/stolen permit to TPS by the next business day. If not, the owner may be responsible for payment of any citations accumulated by that permit.

Once the permit is reported lost/stolen it is considered an unauthorized permit and cannot be used again. Any person who finds or gains possession of a lost, stolen, forged or altered permit and uses the permit to park on campus will be subject to a fine of $100.00, immediate surrender of the lost/stolen permit, may be subject to revocation of all parking privileges, and could be subject to criminal charges.

Damaged Permits

Permits that have been damaged and are unable to be properly used (i.e. will no longer adhere to the window or are ripped) can be exchanged at no additional cost. The owner of the permit must bring the damaged permit to the TPS office, provide proof of identification, and a new permit will be issued.

Permit Exchanges

Lost Adhesion

Permits that have lost their adhesive ability can be exchanged for a new decal at no cost. The old permit must be returned to the TPS Office at the time of exchange. Do not attempt to tape decals to the windshield or place them on the dash, as this may result in a citation.

Classification Change

Permit types are issued based on the individual's classification (i.e. faculty/staff, housing student, commuter student, non-affiliate, etc.) with UCO. If an individual's classification changes after purchasing a parking permit, that permit can be exchanged at the TPS office at no additional cost. Proof of change of classification is required.

Remote/Evening Permit

Commuter or Housing students with a Remote/Evening permit may exchange for an annual Commuter or Housing permit at any point during the year. The cost to exchange is the current amount of an annual permit minus the purchase price of the Remote/Evening permit. Commuter and Housing permits may only be returned in exchange for a Remote/Evening permit within the first two weeks of the fall or spring semester; this exchange option is contingent upon availability, due to the limited number of Remote/Evening permits. 

Permit Refunds

Parking permits returned to the TPS Office within three weeks of the date of purchase will be offered a full refund. Other criteria for a full or limited refund, at the discretion of TPS, include fall graduation, military deployment, or study abroad programs.

Fall Graduation

Graduation Services will provide a list of students graduating to TPS. Students will receive communication to their address on record and UCO email containing the conditions to qualify for the refund. These students are eligible for a refund of one-half of the annual permit value, which will be credited to the student account if all condiitons are met within the time allotted and the physical permit is returned to the TPS Office.


Military Deployment

Members of the U.S. military deployed during the fall semester are eligible for a full refund upon request and with proof of deployment. Spring and summer deployments are eligible for a refund of the incomplete and following terms if purchased prior to the spring term. Physical permits must be returned to the TPS Office for the refund to be granted.

Study Abroad

Students participating in a study abroad program are eligible for a refund of one-half of the annual permit value, with documentation from the Study Abroad Office and the return of the physical permit to the TPS Office.