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Permit Parking

Getting a PermitShort-Term Parking

All vehicles parking on campus must display a valid UCO parking permit or park in a pay-to-park lot. Students should register their vehicle by the first day of class. Faculty/staff vehicles should be registered upon reporting to work. Vehicles with temporary plates should be registered with "VN" and the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number. 

Annual Permit Rates

Permits are valid from the date purchased until July 31 of the following year. Permit pricing is prorated throughout the year. The annual permit is valid for the dates indicated on the front of the permit and includes fall/spring/summer sessions.

Pricing Schedule

Vehicle Annual Permit Full Price - $195
Fall Break - December - $165
December - Spring Break - $105
Spring Break - End of Spring Semester - $70
May - $45
June - $40
July - $35
Motorcycle Annual Permit Full Price - $32
Motorcycle Permit - Summer Only - $16
A limited number of Remote/Evening permits are available for purchase at half the regular price of a permit. 

Getting a Parking Permit

Parking permits are available online and are valid from the date of purchase until July 31. Permits can be purchased online with a credit card or billed to the individual's UCO bursar account, while permits purchased in person at the TPS Office can be paid with cash, check, or billed to the individual's UCO bursar account. Upon purchase, permits are mailed to the address selected when ordered and will be delivered within five to 10 business days. A temporary permit is provided via email for use until the permanent permit arrives via mail. 

Students with a housing, bicycle, or carpool permits must pick up their permit from the TPS office immediately after ordering by presenting a current UCO ID or a valid photo ID at the time of permit pick up.

Picking a Parking Permit Type

All lots on the UCO campus are reserved for specific designated permit types. Students can learn more about the different permit types to help choose the correct permit type for their vehicle on the Permit Types page. Reference the latest UCO Parking Map to find lots designated for each permit type.

Permit Display Instructions

Permits must be clearly and properly displayed on vehicles parked on campus. The proper display for each permit type is outlined below. 


Adhesive permits (Commuter, Housing, Faculty/Staff, Remote/Evening, Special Use, Emeritus, Presidential Partner, Wellness) must be clearly visible and applied upright to the inside lower corner of the driver's side of the windshield. These permits are specifically designed to be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle without losing the adhesive ability. 


Motorcycle permits must be placed in plain sight on the motorcycle. TPS recommends placement on the fork, or on a tag holder that can be secured to the motorcycle. Motorcycle permits are permanent and cannot be moved to another motorcycle or vehicle.


Hangtag permits are to be hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror, with the permit type, dates valid, etc. displayed towards the windshield. The permit must be clearly visible in its entirety from the outside of the vehicle. Permits are not to be left on the dash.

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Short-Term Parking

To better serve the campus we are implementing short-term parking spaces in lots with heavy traffic. This is a free service and there is no charge to utilize the short-term spaces. Users will need to download the Passport Parking app and check-in with their vehicle license plate number when parking in these spaces.

Housing Short-Term Spaces

UCO housing students are eligible to utilize the short-term parking spaces for their resident hall. Vehicles parking in these spaces must display a current UCO Housing permit. These spaces have a time limit of 30 minutes.

  • The Quad residents spaces are in lot 36 (zone number 1350)
  • The University Suites resident's spaces are in lot 42 (zone number 1347)
  • The University Commons resident's spaces are in lot 37 (zone number 1348) & lot 38 (zone number 1349)
  • West Hall and Murdaugh Hall resident's spaces are in lot 33 (zone 1351)

Faculty/Staff Short-Term Spaces

Faculty/Staff members with a valid UCO Faculty/Staff parking permit are eligible to utilize the short-term spaces in various faculty/staff lots. These spaces have a maximum parking time of three (3) hours. These spaces are located in:

  • 5 (Zone 1353)
  • 17 (Zone 1354)
  • 26 (Zone 1352)

Wellness Center Short-Term Spaces

Anyone with a valid UCO parking permit is eligible to utilize the Wellness Center short-term spaces. These spaces will have a maximum parking time of two (2) hours.

  • The Wellness Center spaces are in lot 46 (zone number 1355)

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