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Oversized Vehicles | Closed Lots

All vehicles parking on campus must display a valid UCO parking permit or park in a pay-to-park lot. Students should register their vehicle by the first day of class. Faculty/staff vehicles should be registered upon reporting to work. Vehicles with temporary plates should be registered with "VN" and the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number.

Permit Parking

All students and faculty/staff members must have a valid permit registered to their vehicle when parking on campus. Different permit types are available based on classification and use type, with varying prices to fit the need of the customer. Short-term spaces are also available to provide a convenient option for those needing access to a location for a brief span of time. 

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Visitor and Event Parking

Visitors to the university have the ability to pay for parking in pay lots around campus in areas commonly used by visitors. Events on campus can provide parking to attendees when booking their event with Events Management, with departments having the added convenience of contacting TPS directly. 

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Refunds and Exchanges

Review the policies on refunds and how to exchange a permit  in the event an individual's classification changes.

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Citations and Appeals 

During regular enforcement hours, vehicles can be issued a citation for violations of policy and state regulations. Reoccurrences of the same citation on the same vehicle will result in an escalation to up impoundment. A system is in place for those issued a citation to be able to appeal and seek to have these citations waived by a committee of peers. 

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Oversized Vehicles

Oversized vehicles, such as dually pickups, that cannot safely and fully fit within a parking space may only park in Lot 2, regardless of the registered owner’s parking permit type. Oversized vehicles parked in any other lot and taking up more than one space will be issued a citation for such. As long as properly parked in a space in lot 2, taking up only the spaces necessary for the size of the vehicle, the vehicle will not be issued a citation for more than one space.

Closed Lots

TPS reserves the right to close specific lots to permit holders and designate parking lot use for special events (i.e. sports events, camps, community events, etc.).  All lots are subject to additional hours of restriction based on special campus events or UCO needs as determined by TPS. Notice will be provided to drivers via social media, email, flyers, etc as early as possible. It is recommended drivers be aware of the location of their vehicle at all times and check on it periodically.

Vehicles remaining in a closed lot after the issued deadline may be impounded at the owner's expense. Communication methods will be exhausted before choosing to impound the vehicle.

Vehicles entering a closed lot after the issued deadline will be subject to an "illegal entry/exit" citation and are subject to impounding at the owner's expense. Drivers must pay attention to signs, as not all closed lots will be inaccessible, but may simply have signs indicating closure.

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