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Citations and Appeals

Violation Fee Schedule | Appeal Process | Immobilization & Impoundments

In order to park on campus, vehicles are required to have a valid UCO TPS approved parking permit registered to the vehicle parked on campus , or park in a visitor pay-to-park location.

Hand-written notes left on the vehicle are unacceptable and will not be honored by enforcement personnel. Activating a vehicle’s emergency flasher lights does not constitute a valid reason to park in designated fire lanes or no-parking zones.

Citation Responsibility

The owner-of-record, the individual registering a vehicle with UCO, or the individual assigned to the vehicle by TPS’s internal process is responsible for all UCO parking citations issued against that vehicle no matter the identity of the driver at the time of the violation.

TPS has a partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and will link any non-registered vehicles with outstanding citations to individuals based on DMV information.

Rules of Evidence

Until proven otherwise, evidence is accepted as correct that a motor vehicle found parked or unattended in violation of these regulations was parked by:

  • The person holding a university parking permit for the vehicle;
  • If no university parking permit has been issued for the vehicle and the vehicle is not registered with the university, the person whose name it is registered with the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles or the corresponding agency of another state or nation; and/or,
  • A son, daughter, spouse, or ward of the registered owner, is such a person who is employed with or enrolled in the university.  

Administrative Processing Fee

An Administrative Processing Fee of $10 per unregistered vehicle is assessed to persons accounts who have not registered their vehicles with the University of Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Services and have unpaid citations. This fee covers costs associated with identifying vehicle owners/responsible individuals and accurately assessing fines owed. 

Citation Escalation

Individuals and/or vehicles that receive citations for the same violation in an academic year (Aug. 1 – July 31) will be subject to escalated fine amounts at a rate of $5 per repeat offense, up to $15 over the initial fine amount.

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Violation Type and Fee

Warning (See Comments) - $0.00

No Proof of Valid Payment - $25.00

Time Reserved Space Violation - $25.00

Parked in Reserved Lot 41 - $35.00

Parked in Reserved Lot 59 - $35.00

Reserved for EV Charging - $35.00

License Plate Obscured/Not Scannable - $35.00

Pulled Through/Backed Into Space - $35.oo

Shared ePermit Misuse - $35.00

Blocking Access - $35.00

Improper Display of Physical Permit - $35.00

Exceeded Posted Time Limit - $35.00

Motorcycle in Car Space - $35.00

Car in Motorcycle Space - $35.00

EV Station Improper Use - $35.00

Parked Over Line - $35.00

Facing Wrong Way/Against Traffic - $35.00

No Valid Permit in Use - $35.00

Wrong Permit - $35.00

Unregistered Handicap Placard - $35.00

Not a Valid Parking Space - $35.00 + tow fee

Boot Fee - $35.00

Unauthorized to Park in Space - $50.00

Illegal Exit/Entry - $50.00

Fire Lane - $50.00 + tow fee

Unauthorized Permit - $100.00

Altered/Forged Permit - $100.00

Parked in/Blocking Disability - $100.00 + tow fee

Payment Instructions

UCO affiliated individuals with a UCO ID number may pay their parking citations online with a debit or credit card, or at the TPS office via cash or check until the end of each semester. At the end of each semester, all unpaid citations will be transferred from an individual’s parking account to their Bursar account and will have to be paid at the Bursar’s office or via UConnect.

Individuals without a UCO ID number, or who have not registered their vehicle to their parking account, must pay their parking citations online with a debit or credit card, or at the TPS office via cash or check.

Unpaid fees, including permit charges, citations, as well as any other fees issued by TPS, will be subject to collections in accordance with UCO policy.  

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Citation Appeals

You may appeal a citation if you believe you received the citation in error or if you had an extenuating circumstance which you believe warrants having your citation reduced or dismissed.  Valid citations that have been issued will not be voided; the recipient of the citation must follow the appeal process. 

The following are an invalid basis for an appeal:

  • I didn't know the rules
  • There were other cars parked like this
  • It was only for a short time
  • I was running late
  • There was nowhere else to park
  • There was a passenger left in the car
  • I left a note on the windshield 
  • I had my hazard lights on
  • I wasn't taking anyone's space/there were plenty of spaces
  • Others didn't get ticketed for doing the same thing
  • I don't agree with the parking rules and regulations 

Appeals are handled by a two-level process:

First Level

Individuals must make appeals for violations within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the citation. The parking appeal must be submitted online. The appellant must submit a concise, factual statement justifying the appeal in the space provided. By submitting the appeal the individual indicates that the appeal statement is true.

The appeal will then be independently read and reviewed by two full-time TPS staff members who can waive the citation, reduce the fine amount by half, or uphold the citation. If the two do not agree, a third full-time staff member will make the tie-breaking decision. First level appeal decisions will receive a ruling via email within 15 business days, including a reason for the decision. The first level is an online written appeal; there is no in-person appeal option at this level. 


Second Level

Appealed citations that are reduced or upheld at the first level may be appealed to the second level within five (5) calendar days from the date of the first level appeal ruling. In order to submit a second level appeal the citation must be paid for in full and a $5 processing fee will be added to the individual’s account. Second-level appeals are heard by a board of faculty, staff, and students not affiliated with the TPS office.

The board meets on scheduled dates throughout the academic year. Three members constitute a quorum for all meetings. The board may waive, reduce, or uphold citations. Citations already reduced at the first level may only be upheld or waived by the board. Appellants at the second level have the option to attend the second level appeals board meeting in person and present their case. Otherwise, the second level appeals board will rule based on the information and documentation the appellant provided for the first and second level reasoning along with the citation and pictures taken at the time of the citation. If the second level appeal results in the fine being reduced or waived, the appropriate amount for the citation and the $5 processing fee will be refunded. The decision on the second level appeal is final. 

Immobilization/Impoundment of Vehicle

UCO Police Services and TPS can impound/immobilize parked vehicles for the following offenses:

  • Three (3) or more unpaid parking violations on the vehicle or the individual associated with the vehicle;
  • Repeated violation of Parking Regulations on the vehicle or the individual associated with the vehicle;
  • Parking in reserved spaces or physical disability spaces;
  • Parking in driveways, on grass, access road/service drives, traffic lanes;
  • Creating a traffic hazard, obstructing sidewalks, crosswalks, or other vehicles;
  • Vehicles displaying a temporary paper tag or no tag and no VIN are visible;
  • Parking in red zones, red curbs, or yellow curbs; and/or,
  • Parking in fire lanes or near fire hydrants. 


Owners of a vehicle that has been immobilized must come by the TPS office. Upon proof of identification and ownership, the individual will be provided an explanation of why the vehicle was immobilized and what actions are needed to mobilize the vehicle and prevent impoundment. If no action is taken by 4:00 p.m. the day the vehicle is immobilized, the vehicle will be impounded at the owner's expense.

Once the booting process has started, it is considered immobilized. If the vehicle is unable to be immobilized for any reason, it will be immediately impounded. Unresolved immobilized vehicles will be impounded at TPS discretion.

If the boot is being tampered with in any way, the vehicle will be immediately impounded and the individual will be charged a $200 boot tampering fee as well as the replacement/repairs costs if applicable.


Once UCO Police Services has called the tow company, the vehicle is considered impounded. The owner(s) of a vehicle that has been impounded must come by the TPS office. The owner will be provided an explanation of why the vehicle was impounded and what actions are needed to retrieve the vehicle.

The individual will be required to show UCO Police Services proof of ownership, payment of all outstanding parking fees, and approval to release the vehicle from TPS before the vehicle we be released from the towing company.

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