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Central Cycle

Central Cycle includes all of the bicycle programs and services offered by UCO Transportation and Parking Services as a means of promoting an active lifestyle and providing a means of alternative transportation to the UCO community.

The University of Central Oklahoma has been designated a Bicycle-Friendly University at the bronze level by the League of American Bicyclists, acknowledging Central’s outstanding efforts in creating an exceptional environment for biking.

Bicycle Rental | Bicycle Registration | Bicycle Parking | Repair Stations | Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Rental

UCO's bicycle rental program allows students, faculty, and staff to check out bikes free of charge for up to two weeks at a time. It's a great way to get around, get some exercise, and improve your health. It is also free with a UCO ID. We currently have a fleet of approximately 70 bicycles, in various styles.


Program Rules

To rent a bike, fill out the Bum-A-Bike Check Out Form. As soon as a bike is available, you will be notified with key pick-up instructions. Riders will also be provided a U-LOCK to secure the bike when not in use. Only the rider listed on the rental agreement may use it during the check-out period. Bicycles must be returned to the designated Bum-A-Bike racks at the end of the rental period.

All riders should know how to operate a bicycle and have knowledge of Oklahoma, Edmond, and UCO pedestrian and motor vehicle laws and ordinances.

Any damage incurred to the bicycle during the rental period is the financial responsibility of the rider. Lost or stolen bicycles must be reported to TPS immediately, and the rider will be responsible for the replacement cost.

Rent a Bike

Late Fees

For any bicycle not returned by the date specified on the rental agreement, a five-dollar late fee per business day will be charged.

Bicycle Registration

In accordance with the UCO Campus Bicycle Policy any bicycle operated on the university campus is required to be registered with the Transportation and Parking Services office. This requirement applies to all student, faculty, and staff. Registration is free of charge and can be completed online. Permits can be picked up 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday at the TPS Office located in Bausher Place Room 201

Unregistered bicycles are subject to immediate impounding by the university.


Benefits of Registering

By registering and putting a bicycle permit on a personal bicycle, the TPS office will be able to better assist riders in times of need. By having a registered permit displayed, TPS can determine the owner, which is helpful in recovering lost or stolen bikes. Registration is also beneficial if the owner forgets their bicycle lock combination or loses the key, as TPS is only able to cut off locks if ownership can be verified.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles shall be parked only in designated racks placed on campus. Bicycles that are attached to fixtures, trees, posts, signs, stairwells, railings, handicapped ramps or anything other than designated racks are subject to removal without prior notice. The responsibility for the security of parked bicycles rests with the owner. The University is not responsible or liable in any way for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles. Bicycles shall also be kept in good working order and shall not be allowed to deteriorate or become otherwise derelict.  

Impounded Bicycles

The University reserves the right to impound any broken, inoperable, or derelict bicycle that is parked in the same location in excess of 30 consecutive days.

To reclaim a bicycle that has been impounded, the owner must contact Transportation and Parking Services at (405) 974-2780. University may charge fines for reclaiming impounded bicycles.

The University is not responsible for the cost of locks, chains, other security devices, or any other item that may be damaged or destroyed as a result of removing any bicycle. The University may dispose of any bicycle that has been impounded for longer than six months.

Bicycle Repair Stations

Five bicycle repair stations were installed on campus in 2017 in order to aid cyclists in their ability to keep their personal bicycles in working condition. These stations may be used for various maintenance and repairs, featuring multiple retractable tools as well as an air pump. There is no charge for use of these stations. Tools Provided

  • Phillips and standard screwdrivers
  • Steel core tire levers (2)
  • Headset/pedal wrench
  • 8/10mm cone wrench
  • 9/11mm cone wrench
  • Torx T-25
  • Hex Key Set
  • Integrated air pump with gauge 


There are five bicycle repair stations currently located on campus

  • Northeast side of Nigh University Center
  • South side of Wellness Center, by the main entrance
  • In the University Suites/Commons Courtyard
  • Northwest side of West Hall
  • West side of the Transformative Learning Quadrangle (The Quad)

Bicycle Safety: Habits of Highly Effective Cyclists

  • Know and obey bicycling laws, including stopping at stop signs and red lights.
  • Wear helmets on every ride, as well as other safety gear as needed.
  • Make themselves as visible as possible: bright-colored clothing, headlights and blinking taillights.
  • Keep bike maintained and properly adjusted, checking bike prior to every ride.
  • Consider route with safety in mind.
  • Sufficiently prepare your body for the ride, drinking plenty of water.

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