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The University of Central Oklahoma is committed to its global mission in providing students, researchers and scholars from around the world the opportunity to learn, develop and grow, while imparting its cultural and discipline knowledge of the past 30 years. One of the six main tenets within UCO’s transformative learning experience is Global and Cultural Competencies. 

With more than 120 partner institutions around the world, UCO continues to seek strategic partnerships in the hopes of providing more opportunities for students and faculty. Among many of our partnership initiatives, below list some of the key areas of our focus:

  • Faculty Research and Exchanges
  • Student Reciprocal Exchanges
  • Short-term Visiting Scholar Program
  • Short-term Study Abroad Program for American students
  • Short-term Study USA Visiting Student Program
  • Summer Programs
  • Faculty-Led Study Tour Opportunity
  • 2+2 and Articulation Programs
  • Cooperative Partnership Master’s Degree Program

Some of our international partners have created independent websites with information on UCO in other languages. To visit these independent sites, visit 中央俄克拉荷马大学 or 한국어 에서 UCO.