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Transfer Out

International students transferring to another school in the United States must have their SEVIS immigration record transferred to another school.

To begin the transfer out process, you will need to fill out the transfer out form. An admission letter and transfer form for the new school (optional) will be needed to complete this form.

  • Your SEVIS number will remain the same.
  • A new SEVIS I-901 fee will not be required.
  • You must start attending classes at the new school within five months of the last day you attended the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • You may remain in the United States while waiting to start the new school.
  • Your SEVIS record cannot be released until the end of the semester

Transfer during OPT

  • Your record can be transferred before your OPT has ended or during the 60-day grace period after your OPT has ended.
  • Classes at your new school must begin within five months of the day your record is transferred or the end date of your OPT, whichever is earlier.
  • If you transfer your record before your EAD card expires, then you will lose any remaining days of OPT work authorization.
  • Select a transfer release date so you do not accrue too many days of unemployment (limit is 90 days for students on post-completion OPT and 150 days for students on STEM OPT extension). 

Students with Terminated Records

  • The new school must agree in writing to accept a SEVIS record is terminated status.

Completing Degree

Once you have completed your program you will have a 60-day grace period. During the grace period you must do one of the following:

  • Stay in the United States and leave before your grace period ends;
  • Apply for OPT; or, 
  • Receive a new I-20 for a new academic program.

Withdrawal from Classes

Students who want to take time off from school must ask for authorized early withdrawal approval. Possible reasons for withdrawal include:

  • Family emergency;
  • Personal reasons; or, 
  • Financial reasons.

What Happens to my Immigration Record?

Authorized early withdrawal is a neutral termination reason in SEVIS. It is used to end your SEVIS record before your program end date and allows you to avoid violating your F-1 status for not being enrolled full time during the semester.  After your record is terminated for authorized early withdrawal, you will have a 15-day grace period to leave the United States. You must end all employment (on or off campus) the day your record is terminated.

You will not be eligible for immigration benefits like OPT or CPT until after you have been enrolled for one full academic year (two semesters) on a new I-20.

Returning to school after an Authorized Early Withdrawal

If you have not attended UCO for two or more semesters, you will be required to apply for re-admission.

  • You will not be able to apply for OPT or CPT until you have completed two full semesters after your return.