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Graduate Admissions

Ready to take the next step with a graduate degree from the University of Central Oklahoma? At UCO, you can choose a quality degree in one of more than 70 majors. Whenever you're ready, we can help you take the next step to pursue your master's degree at UCO! 

Graduate Degree-Seeking | Exchange and Visiting or Study USA | Second Master's | Readmission | Suspended | 100% Online

Graduate Degree-Seeking Students 

An international graduate degree-seeking student is a student who has have completed their undergraduate degree and wishes to pursue a master's degree.  



Exchange and Visiting or Study USA Graduate Students

(Non-degree Seeking)

A visiting student is a graduate student who is currently attending a UCO partner college or university and are seeking an opportunity to study in the U.S. as a non-degree seeking student for one or two semesters. 

Visiting and Exchange Student Requirements

Second Master's

In addition to any undergraduate transcripts, UCO requires all transcripts with graduate-level coursework.

Graduate Readmission

Graduate readmission is required if applicants fall under one of the criteria below:

  • It has been more than one semester and a summer term since applicants last attendance at UCO; or
  • Applicant has completed a degree after the last enrollment at UCO; or, 
  • Applicant has been suspended after the last enrollment at UCO.


Suspended Students

Students applying for readmission that have been suspended once for academic reasons from UCO or another institution of higher education in Oklahoma may apply for readmission after the semester in which they were suspended. Such readmission is not automatic but is decided on an individual basis.


International 100% Online Degree

Students intending to complete an entire UCO degree program online through UCO's Connected Campus, outside of the USA.


International 100% Online Non-Degree / Discover America

International students who are not physically in the USA and who would like to be admitted to UCO to take one-three of 100% online classes at UCO on a non-degree-seeking student. Discover America students may enroll in nine credit hours or less at UCO.