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International Undergraduate Readmissions

It has been more than one semester and a summer term since the student's last attendance at UCO, a student wants to continue at Central after they have earned an undergraduate degree or students who want to return after being academically suspended.

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International Concurrent Enrollment

International students who are physically in the USA, are enrolled at another college/university in the USA and intend to also take classes at UCO at the same time. Concurrent students may enroll in nine credit hours or less at UCO.

Admission Documents 


International Second Bachelor’s Degree 

Students intending to pursue a second bachelor's degree.


International 100% Online Degree

Students intending to complete an entire UCO degree program online through UCO's Connected Campus, outside of the USA.


International 100% Online Non-Degree / Discover America

International students who are not physically in the USA and who would like to be admitted to UCO to take one-three of 100% online classes at UCO on a non-degree-seeking student. Discover America students may enroll in nine credit hours or less at UCO.