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Future Student Forms 

Note: All forms take up to five business days to process.

For additional immigration or admission questions and assistance, contact us.

Current Student Forms 

Note: All forms take up to five business days to process.

For additional immigration or admission questions and assistance, contact us.

  • Add Dependent - Fill out the following form for a dependent I-20.  A dependent I-20 is for a spouse or a child of a current F-1 international student. 
  • Change of Address - Complete this form, if you have changed residencies while in the United States to inform the Office of Global Affairs of your move.
  • Change of Major -Complete this form to update your I-20 SEVIS record with your updated degree program.
  • Concurrent Enrollment Request - Approval from your academic advisor is required before OGA issues a concurrent letter.
  • Country Flag Requisition- Complete this form if you need to rent a country flag for an event on campus. 
  • Immunization/Vaccination Submission - All new students are required to provide proof of minimum immunization. If you do not have a past immunization record, you will need to complete your immunization shots during your first semester of studies at UCO; otherwise, you will not be able to enroll for your second semester. Immunization shots are covered by the UCO Insurance Plan.
  • Insurance Waiver Application - Submit this only if you do not want UCO Insurance.
  • Invitation Letter - If you are needing an invitation letter for family members to visit the United States, complete this form. 
  • J-1 Academic Training - Fill out this form if you are a J-1 student seeking academic training during or after the completion date on your DS-2019.
  • J-1 Employment Approval - Fill out this form if you are a J-1 international student wishing to start your job this semester or needing a letter for a social security number.
  • J-1 Extension of Stay - Complete this form if you would like to extend your DS-2019. 
  • Request for an I-20 or DS-2019 -Submit this form to request for an updated / replacement I-20 or DS-2019 and select a reason.
  • SACM Financial Guarantee - Submit this form to provide the Office of Global Affairs with the most recent financial guarantee.
  • SACM Letter Request- Submit this form to request a letter for SACM from the Office of Global Affairs.  
  • Schedule Appointment - Submit this form to make an appointment with an international advisor.
  • Travel Report - Fill out this form for any departure abroad or return to the U.S.
  • Transfer out – If you are graduating or have recently graduated from UCO, please contact to determine your immediate steps required for SEVIS transfer.
    If you are currently attending UCO and intend to transfer to another US institution to complete your degree, please email to begin the discussion with an OGA advisor.

OPT Reporting/Update

The following forms apply to students who already have an OPT status. If you want to begin the process of applying for Post-OPT or extending to STEM-OPT, please fill out the Request for I-20 form to obtain an OPT I-20 from DSO.

Post-OPT employment update and STEM-OPT employment reporting/update are done through the SEVP portal.

OPT Portal Reset Request

For those who miss the deadline to activate their SEVP portal account, DSO can re-activate the portal manually. To request assistance, please fill out the OPT Portal Reset Request eFrom.

Post-OPT Employment Update

Direct reporting should be used using the SEVP OPT portal. If you missed the reporting deadline on the OPT portal, fill out the Post-OPT Employment Update eForm for manual reporting through UCO DSO. 

STEM-OPT Employment Update

For changes of employment and/or adding additional employment, use the STEM-OPT Employment Update eForm.

STEM-OPT Validation Report

SEVIS requires employment participation to be reported every 6 months. You will receive an email from SEVIS asking you to log in to your portal account to confirm your employment and personal information. Once you complete this step, you must fill out the Validation Report eForm to notify your DSO to update SEVIS with the validation report.

STEM-OPT Evaluation Report

SEVIS requires employment self-evaluation once a year and at the end of employment. You must submit page five of the I-983 form to DSO by using the Evaluation Report eForm.