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Future Broncho Ambassadors

The UCO Office of Global Affairs Future Broncho Ambassadors Program provides international student leaders at the University of Central Oklahoma an opportunity to connect with people from their home country. Our goal is to provide a unique outlet where our international students can showcase their journey at Central, communicate directly with international students from their home countries and have the ability to answer questions related to the campus, class style, life at UCO and life outside the classroom.

Giannina Albines – Latin America Future Broncho Ambassador

Headshot of Giannina Albines

Giannina is an international student from Peru, currently in her sophomore year and majoring in computer science. Even though Giannina's journey at UCO started not so long ago, she has achieved so much during her time at Central and has become a well-known leader on campus. Among her recent accolades, Giannina was able to earn the title of Miss UCO International 2020, she is the president of the Latin American Student Association on campus and was recently selected to become a UCO Orientation Leader. 

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Amanda Siew

Headshot of Amanda SiewAmanda Siew is an international student from Malaysia, currently in her senior year and majoring in professional media. Amanda is the definition of a superstar; she is not only the executive social media and newscast producer at UCentral Media - the official UCO student media network - but she also is a highly involved leader on campus. She is an executive member of the Malaysian Student Association, as well as the International Student Council. Amanda has also won national awards by the Society of Professional Journalists, which recognizes the efforts of student journalists that kept their campus communities informed during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Rodger Allen – Esports Broncho Ambassador

Headshot of Roger AllenRodger Allen is an American student with an inherent passion for esports, traveling the world and learning about new cultures. Rodger is a sophomore majoring in mass communication. Rodger's many accolades in esports range from Archivist to the League of Legends team captain at the UCO Esports Student Organization. His esports experience, as well as his drive to help students, has led Rodger to become the esports ambassador for students who wish to get involved in the esports community at UCO. 

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Shahzaib – Pakistan Future Broncho Ambassador

FNU ShahzaibShahzaib is an international student from Pakistan, currently in his sophomore year and majoring in computer science. Since the start of his college journey, Shahzaib found his passion in serving the international community at UCO. Now, Shahzaib is an active leader on campus, representing the Pakistani community as the president of the Pakistani Student Association and a member of the Leaders of Tomorrow Council at UCO. 

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Prateek Shetty – India Future Broncho Ambassador

Headshot of Prateek ShettyPrateek is an international student from India, currently in his senior year and majoring in forensic science - chemistry. Prateek is a renowned leader on campus and he is truly passionate about serving others with the many talents he possesses. Among Prateek's accomplishments, he has distinguished himself by earning the title of Mister UCO International 2018, becoming president of the Forensic Science Student Organization and treasurer of the International Student Council at UCO. 


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Victor Vu – Vietnam Future Broncho Ambassador

Headshot of Victor VuVictor Vu is an international student from Vietnam, currently in his sophomore year and majoring in marketing with a minor in interpersonal communications. At the beginning of his college journey, Victor had a goal; to get involved on campus, make friendships and enjoy every moment. To state that he has met his goal is, to say the least, his involvement has led him to become a prominent leader on campus and an advocate for international students. He is part of the Leaders of Tomorrow Council, the Vietnamese Student Association and the International Student Council. Victor also has earned the title of Mister UCO International 2020. 

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