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Diversity Outreach

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion works diligently to fulfill its mission to advance cultural competence while implementing opportunities for our diverse communities to learn, thrive and succeed. One of the ways that we uphold this mission is by hosting and facilitating cultural experiences and conferences that seek to educate both current and prospective students. We invite you to explore the many different opportunities offered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion designed to educate and empower participants to value both their culture and the importance of higher education.

Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations is a conference dedicated to the celebration and education of Asian high school students. This annual event addresses issues that impact these students on a cultural and individual level, while providing a safe space and tools to explore and confront challenges as a community. Using the resources UCO provides, students can develop an idea of the expectations they want to create for themselves.

Black Male Summit 

The mission of the Black Male Summit is to: (1) address the historical, cultural and relevant challenges that affect the development of young black males, (2) build pipelines between UCO and public and private high schools across the state of Oklahoma and (3) encourage the pursuit of obtaining a postsecondary degree.

Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is an annual celebration that encourages unity among African American women while fostering and empowering a sense of self in all ladies that participate.

Diversity Day

Diversity Day highlights the broad cultural tapestry of the University of Central Oklahoma as we reach out to high school seniors from underrepresented groups. Produced in collaboration with UCO’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity Day gives these prospective UCO students information about the admissions process, financial aid, and the variety of support services available to them when they join our campus family.

Primeros Pasos

Primero Pasos, or First Steps, is a program that reaches out to Latinx high school students to give them an idea of how UCO can be a part of their lives. This one-day event understands the unique challenges that face these students and presents a platform that shows where UCO can excel in meeting their needs. As they look forward to college, the opportunities offered at UCO are showcased to these potential members of the UCO family.