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Important Update:

The university is operating at Level 2 for the first two weeks of classes for the spring 2022 semester.

For classes, this means faculty will have the discretion to choose a fully remote format, hybrid format or fully in-person format. Masks will be mandatory the first two weeks for in-person classes, with faculty offering a plan for students unable to attend in person. These changes begin for classes Jan.12.

Visit the COVID-19 website to report a positive test, symptoms or exposure, for vaccine and testing information and for other COVID-19 resources. 

As an award-winning community, the Forensic Science LLC is the perfect fit for students wishing to pursue forensic science, get to meet Forensic Science Institute faculty, and to explore the different career paths available to forensic science degrees. Through active participation in this community, you will bring your classroom education to life by merging your classroom environment with your living space.

Students in this community will:

  • Build teamwork skills through ropes courses and murder mystery activities
  • Attend movie nights, where forensic science experts lead post-film discussions
  • Enroll in sections of FRSC 2503: Introduction to Forensic Science and FRSC 3043: Crime Scene Processing specially organized for LLC members

This community, located in The Quad, is open to first-year students who intend to pursue a major in Forensic Science, coupled with another appropriate major. Space is limited to 40 students.

Forensic Science II

The Forensic Science II LLC, located in The Quad, allows upperclassmen to continue to experience the benefits of an LLC as they continue their academic career in forensic science. Space is limited to 20 students. 

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