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Important Update:

Effective Monday, May 24, 2021, UCO will no longer mandate the use of masks or social distancing. Those who have not been vaccinated should continue to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. Those who have been vaccinated may continue to voluntarily wear a mask if they choose.

Important resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Vaccination Self-ReportingVirtual Services | COVID-19 Website 

The University of Central Oklahoma is continuously monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in the communities surrounding the university and in the communities our students call home. The university COVID-19 webpages are updated regularly with important updates to services and resources for students, faculty and staff. 

As the university continues its response to COVID-19, steps are being taken in and around the residence halls and dining facilities to prevent and slow the spread of the virus. Residence halls are scheduled to open starting Aug. 8, and our dining partners at Chartwells Dining Services and housekeeping partners at WFF Facility Services are providing increased services to aid in prevention efforts. 

Currently, the Housing and Residential Engagement Office is open. The campus community and current and potential residents can contact our offices on various platforms or visit the office in Bausher Place 201. 

Call: 405-974-2746
Text: 1-833-200-0427


Comprehensive Reopening Plan

Throughout the summer, Housing has worked with partners across campus to create a comprehensive reopening plan to provide residents and their families insight into the operations of the halls as we work to prevent COVID-19 in our buildings or respond to a confirmed case of COVID-19 if one occurs.

Returning to the Residential Experience

Front Desk Changes

To support physical distancing and decrease traffic in centralized locations, the 24-Hour Desk has been replaced by front desk services in each residence hall. Front desks will be staffed from 1 p.m. to midnight daily by resident assistants who will be available to answer questions, help residents and check out equipment. They will also be responsible for assisting in the enforcement of mask policies when residents enter through the designated entrance to the hall. When not staffed, residents can reach the resident assistant on call at 405-974-2746.

The Housing Front Desk in Bausher Place Room 201 remains available via text, chat, email or phone Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Room Change Process Changes

To reduce opportunities for the COVID-19 virus to spread, room changes will only be granted on an emergency basis. Residents should contact their resident assistant or hall director when needing mediation for a roommate disagreement. In the event a room change is deemed necessary by Residence Life, a staff member will begin the formal process.

Housekeeping Services

WFF, our housekeeping partner, is working hard to keep campus buildings like our residence halls clean for all out residents. They are increasing cleaning and sanitization efforts of high-touch areas and will be cleaning community restrooms in Murdaugh Hall, The Quad, and West Hall twice per day. Additional measures include:

  • Daily disinfecting of all public doors, handrails, doorjambs and card swipes throughout hallways, stairwells, and elevators 
  • Daily disinfecting of every resident doorknob
  • Twice daily enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces in community restrooms such as shower, toilet, and faucet handles
  • Daily disinfection of residence hall community spaces
  • Converting all soap dispensers to touchless

Cleaning Supply Access

All residents will have access to cleaning supplies that are certified to kill COVID-19. For residents in West Hall, the Quad, and Murdaugh Hall, these will be located in all community restrooms and public spaces. For residents in the Suites and the Commons who are responsible for cleaning their restrooms and shared spaces, these will be placed in resident rooms for their use and are available for refills upon request.

Air Filtration Updates

To assist in eliminating airborne viruses or bacteria that may be present in the HVAC system, UV lights have been added throughout the HVAC system of West Hall. All building filters in West Hall, Murdaugh Hall, the Quad, the Suites and the Commons are being upgraded to hospital-grade MERV-13 filters. These filters are capable of capturing contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, fine dust and smoke.

Residential Experience Changes

A vital part of the on-campus experience is the events and programs within the halls. Events will still be conducted by Residence Life throughout the semester in a variety of capacities to keep residents engaged. Three changes residents can expect to programming in the halls this fall are:

  • A majority of events will be hosted virtually;
  • In-person events that are conducted will be limited to groups of 10 or less; and,
  • No community-style food will be provided at events.

Other university-sponsored events may follow different guidelines, but these guidelines are the ones that Housing has determined to be the most effective at preventing spread within our smaller community.

Residence hall front desks will be staffed from 1 p.m to midnight to enforce mask-wearing and support residents. Maintenance services continue uninterrupted and work orders can be submitted via text message to Housing. Please be patient with response times.

Masks are required across campus in all campus buildings, and this includes residence halls. Residents should wear masks anytime they are outside their room and maintain a social distance of six feet whenever possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General  |  Post-Thanksgiving Credits |  Social Distancing  |  Displaying Symptoms


Can I stay on campus?

University housing is operating under normal operating procedures going into the fall semester. Additional availability of single rooms in West Hall and The Quad have been made available for residents who do not want a roommate during this period. Increased cleaning and sanitization are being conducted within the buildings. Adjustments to residence life policies and procedures have been made to accommodate for social distancing guidelines and the protection of the health of all residents. 

What is Housing doing to address covid-19 concerns?

Housing is working with university administration and local health officials to coordinate the responses and preparation for COVID-19. We continue to implement federal, state, and local guidelines to help us make informed decisions and protect our residents. Our custodial vendor is conducting additional cleanings of high-touch areas in addition to their general flu season protocols. In the event a case of COVID-19 is identified in the residence halls, plans are in place to properly isolate the resident away from the rest of the population.  

I have a compromised immune system or a pre-existing condition. What should I do?

We are requesting students who may be immunocompromised or have a pre-existing condition to contact Disability Support Services to protect their medical privacy. Housing will work in coordination with DSS to provide accommodations for these residents within the halls, including single room placement. 

I am experiencing heightened anxiety due to this crisis. What resources are available?

The Center for Counseling and Well-Being remains available to take virtual appointments and continues to provide resources and programs to help students through this time. 

  • To setup a virtual appointment, you can do so through the CCWB online scheduling system
  • Seek comfort by engaging with peers in one of the CCWB's Virtual Groups. These groups meet online about topics such as mindfulness, study habits, and student success. 
  • Utilize the free Therapy Assistance Online program, an online interface with activities to help overcome anxiety, depression, and other concerns. 

Post-Thanksgiving Online Period

Will I get a refund if i move off campus for quiet and finals week?

Residents who choose to move out of the halls at Thanksgiving Break will receive pro-rated credits for their housing and dining. These credits will be calculated on a per-day basis for the period from Nov. 24 through Dec. 10 and will be applied directly to students accounts by the end of the fall semester. These will display as a reduction of the semester’s cost for students who have an outstanding balance; however, if the student account is paid in full, the credits will appear as a refund

Students who cancel their housing contract after Nov. 24 will be held to the full Terms and Conditions of the agreement and not be eligible for credits. 

when do i need to notify housing that i will be moving out for quiet and finals week?

Residents who opt to move out for Quiet Week and Finals Week and receive prorated credits should notify Housing & Residential Engagement before Nov. 13 and return their key to the Housing Office in Bausher Place 201 by Nov. 24. Additional information about this process will be sent at a later date 

Students who cancel their housing contract after Nov. 24 will be held to the full Terms and Conditions of the agreement and not be eligible for credits. 

Will students who stay on campus be eligible for an adjustment of housing charges?

Residents who choose to stay on campus after Nov. 24 will not be eligible for housing or dining credits.  

Will my unused meal swipes and Flex Dollars be refunded?

Residential students who chose to move out will have the remaining value of their fall meal plan as of Nov. 25 credited to their account. For students with outstanding charges, this credit will result in an account balance reduction. For students who have no balance owed to the university, this will result in a refund.

Students who cancel their housing contract after Nov. 24 will be held to the full Terms and Conditions of the agreement and not be eligible for credits. 

I Do Not Live On Campus, Will I receive a refund of dining charges?

Students with a commuter meal membership who do not live on campus will automatically receive credits applied to their student account based on the remaining value of their fall meal membership as of Nov. 25. No action is needed.  

Social Distancing and Isolation

How can I social isolate with roommates?

Social isolation guidelines for roommates are similar to those for families, with the goal to restrict contact of the household with the rest of the local community. In addition to CDC guidelines, Housing has some additional guidelines to help during this period of social distancing:

Create a social distancing roommate agreement

Social distancing will have roommates in the home space more often. Discussing a roommate agreement ahead of time will help avoid conflict later on as nerves may start to fray. Topics for the agreement may include the restriction of guests, cleaning schedules, how to share news about the crisis, study habits, dinner plans, and how the TV may affect the concentration of those studying in the space. 

Bring fresh air and sunlight into the space

Cabin fever is inevitable, and what better way to get out of your space than by bringing the outdoors inside! Open your windows to allow sunlight and fresh air into your room. This will help the space feel more open when it feels like the walls might be closing in. 

Keep common areas clean

Social distancing should still be applied within the shared space as much as possible. Maintaining a distance of six feet from each other and cleaning items you both use will reduce the spread of viruses in the space. 

How do i know if i Have been exposed?

Degrees of exposure may depend on if you have had interactions with people who have a positive diagnosis or are displaying symptoms. 

Exposure Chart

Displaying COVID-19 Symptoms

I am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19(fever, cough, shortness of breath). What are my options?

At the onset of symptoms, please contact the UCO Department of Public Safety at 405-974-2345. Housing will work in coordination with DPS to relocate the student to an isolation space until a positive COVID diagnosis has been made. Please follow the instructions sent for how to conduct your move, and restrict your exposure to other resident's and common areas until your move has been finalized. 

How long do I have to stay isolated?

You will need to stay in the isolation space until a diagnosis is made. A member of the Housing staff will be in constant communication with those in isolation to remain updated on needs and status. 

Guide to Self Quarantine

Can I have meals delivered if I am in isolation?

Yes. Campus Dining Services will coordinate a meal delivery with a member of the Housing staff to your room. The menu can be accessed online at Dine on Campus