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The purpose of the Training Program for Federal TRIO Programs is to provide professional development opportunities for staff and leadership employed in, or preparing for employment in, Federal TRIO Program projects.



Absolute Priority #2: Training on budget management and the statutory and regulatory requirements for operation of projects funded under the Federal TRIO programs. 

Absolute Priority #3: Training on assessment of student needs; retention and graduation strategies; and the use of appropriate educational technology in the operation of projects funded under the Federal TRIO programs.


Q & A

What personnel are appropriate for me to send to this training?

 All TRIO personnel will benefits from training, especially directors, coordinators, counselors and advisors. Projects are encouraged to apply as institutional teams in order to maximize the training effectiveness and implementation upon return to home institution.

How will I know if I am selected to participate in the training?

 Applicants who are selected for participation will receive an email confirmation after the cut-off date for application has passed.

How do I access information about hotel and transportation?

 Applicants selected for participation will receive a detailed email providing hotel conference block rates, transportation recommendations, and event details.

What type of follow-up will I receive after the training has been completed?

 Participants who have completed all aspects of the training will receive a certificate of completion, as well as access to an interactive toolkit.


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