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Campus Events Access Policy 

This policy provides information about campus events open to the public and their requirement to be accessible to attendees with disabilities.

Campus Events Access Policy  

Course Substitution/Exceptions

UCO will make every effort to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities in an effort to achieve parity with non-disabled students in teaching and evaluation methods, access to learning environments, and technology. Please note, however, that neither UCO nor an individual faculty member is required to waive an essential or fundamental academic requirement of a course, regardless of the nature of the student’s disability. For further information, please visit Academic Affairs Policy 1.12: Course Substitutions/Exceptions for Students with Disabilities which sets forth procedures and guidelines. DSS has created a Course Substitution/Exception Request Form to assist students with what pertinent information to relay to the department/school director and dean regarding your request. Although this form is not required, it is strongly recommended.


Emergency Medical Withdrawal

A student unable to complete a drop or withdrawal by the respective deadline may petition for an exception by submitting a request for an emergency withdrawal. Requests for emergency withdrawal due to poor academic performance, failing to attend and/or lack of deadline awareness will not be considered. Supporting documentation needs to be provided.

Emergency Medical Withdrawal

Information Communications Technology Accessibility Policy

This policy is intended to describe the technical standards and policies relied upon by the University to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the State of Oklahoma Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Act (EITA).

Information Communications Technology Accessibility Policy 

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Two policies, related to animals on campus have been established to assist those in need of such modifications as well as provide relevant information to those in the community. 

Emotional Support Animal PolicyService Animal Policy   

Student Complaint Procedure in Cases 

The University has established policy regarding Alleged Disability Discrimination and/or Harassment.  An Incident Report Form is required for filing a complaint.  This University-wide policy applies to staff, faculty, student, departments and visitors.

Alleged Disability Discrimination and/or HarassmentIncident Report Form

Worksite Lactation

The University has an established Worksite Lactation Policy that applies to staff, faculty, student workers, interns and eligible covered dependents.