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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

Students, help Move the Needle on COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 Resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Exposure/Positive Test | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Website 

Our ultimate goal through Project SPEAK is to spread knowledge and develop a campus culture that fosters healthy relationships. Through knowledge, UCO community members will not condone violence or victim-blaming but will provide an environment that is conducive to every student’s success.

We support students, staff and faculty and assess their needs for FREE and in a confidential manner. Project SPEAK promotes awareness through campuswide events and in-class presentations about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and bullying. We provide advocacy and strive to assist everyone at UCO with a non-judgmental and compassionate demeanor at all times. We help those that have lost their voice to find their voice again. We empower them to SPEAK and break the silence.

Appointment Request How To Telehealth


  • Medical Assistance
  • Housing Needs or Relocation
  • Legal Assistance (e.g., Victims Protection Order; Restraining Order)
  • Assistance with law enforcement
  • Accessing the campus judicial system (Student Conduct)
  •  Student Counseling Center
  • Academic ConcernsOther services, as needed