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Off-Campus Resources

Community Engagement serves as an advocate for commuter, off-campus and nontraditional students and their needs. We provide resources to assist students in becoming active and engaged participants within their respective communities

Central Pantry

The UCO Central Pantry is a free food pantry for UCO students, faculty and staff. Learn more about the Central Pantry and how you can shop, donate or volunteer as a UCO student.

Apply for Off-Campus Student Lockers

Free lockers are available to commuter students. These lockers are located on the 1st floor of the Nigh University Center, located near RK Black and around the corner from the UCO Student Association (UCOSA) Office.

Mass Transportation Information

Information about Edmond’s free bus system, the CityLink, is located on their website. The bus takes multiple routes through Edmond and goes to Oklahoma City. There are bus stops located on UCO’s campus.