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Career Coaching

You can meet with a career development specialist to discuss your major and career options. Together you can decide what next steps are best for you. Schedule an appointment through your Handshake account.  

Career Assessments

We offer three assessments in our office that can look at interests, skills, values and personality preferences to see a variety of careers that might be best for you based on those responses. 


FOCUS 2 is a website that has different assessments on interests, skills, values and personality available to you, the student.  It is free to use and available anytime.  If you would like to talk to a career development specialist about your specific results, please set up an appointment.
  • When creating your account, you will need your access code: careers
  • Login: FOCUS 2
  • Click on New User image under the box

MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory

If you are interested in learning about these assessments, set up an appointment with a career development specialist. These assessments are available for a nominal fee of $20 each. 

Explore and Research Options

Meta Majors

Meta majors are groupings of common academic/career interests under one umbrella. Selecting a meta major puts you on a path that allows a measure of flexibility if you change your major. Read the descriptions below and consider which one best matches your interests. If you are undecided (which is completely okay), you would consider the exploration meta major.


This area includes business related majors, which are available in several different colleges at UCO. There are many majors that prepare you to manage and lead people, analyze data and numbers, communicate in the business world and even start your own business.

Business-oriented Majors

Human, Behavioral and Social Sciences

This area includes majors that involve learning about people, society, culture and how they intertwine. For students who love learning about people, cultures and relationships, these majors may be a good fit.

People-oriented Majors

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Health

In these majors, you learn more about how the world works through research, analysis and application. You can cultivate intellectual advancement, develop new models/theories and analyze data to problem solve within your discipline. Several of the health-related majors involve helping people become healthier and well in all areas of their lives.

STEM-oriented Majors

Art, Design and Entertainment

Majors in arts, design and entertainment explore performance and/or production of various art forms as well as theory, history and the impact of art on society. This field of study is a great fit for students who like to create art and also for those who enjoy and value art, design and media.

Creative-oriented Majors

Education and Public Service

UCO offers education programs in a variety of subject areas as well as majors which open up career opportunities in teaching, training and educating others in a variety of settings. Many of these majors can also prepare you to provide vital daily services to the public locally and internationally.

Education-related Majors


If you are wondering how you will narrow 100+ majors into one, you’re not alone. UCO is a great place to explore majors if you still are undecided. There are many resources available to help you learn more about the majors and which ones might be the best fit for you.

Explore Other Majors