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Broncho Education and Learning Lab (BELL)

The Broncho Education and Learning Lab (BELL) exists to help undergraduate and graduate students learn through peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, study skills development, time-management tools, and other forms of academic support. The BELL, formerly Tutoring Central, offers three locations throughout the campus to assist students. The first is located in the northeast corner of West Hall, and the second is located in room W112 of the Quad Residence Hall. The third BELL location is offered to student-athletes and is located on the third floor of the Sports Performance Center.

Location Information

photo of West Hall building exterior

West Hall (G-100) BELL Location: 405-974-2487

photo of the Sports Performance Center building exterior

For student-athletes only. Sports Performance Center (SPC-301) BELL Location: 405-974-3441

photo of the Quad building exterior

The Quad (W-112) BELL Location: 405-974-5958


Faculty and Staff

Refer-a-Broncho to the BELL

Refer-a-Broncho to the BELL to receive academic support, where students are able to receive one-on-one academic sessions in English, math, writing, grammar, science, and other subjects to help them succeed in their classes.

Refer a Broncho to the BELL graphic

Refer-a-Broncho Form

Request a Supplemental Instructor (S.I.) 

If you are interested in hiring a Supplemental Instructor (S.I.), please discuss this with your student and submit a Faculty Request Form, and email the form to the Supplemental Instruction program.