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Welcome Weeks at Central

Whether you're stepping on campus for the first time or have returned after an awesome campus visit, our two-week celebration will make sure you feel welcome at your new home!

Welcome Home Week

Welcome Home Week is a great way for you to learn about the UCO Campus before classes start! During this week, ALL students will have the opportunity to have an Orientation Leader guide them to each of their classes, meet other students during different daytime and evening programs, and explore campus while taking care of any last-minute to-do items before the semester begins. All programs for Welcome Home Week can be found by visiting UCORE.

Stampede Week

UCO gets every year started right, and the first week of classes is Stampede Week. Everything you need to do, from getting connected on campus to joining a fraternity or sorority to even getting a job, starts here. You’ll meet new people, discover all the perks of being a Broncho and get plenty of free stuff to boot!

Step one to making the most of Stampede Week is to follow us on Twitter or to follow our Instagram hashtag and we’ll keep you updated on all the events.

Stampede Week 2022 will take place Aug. 18-26.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Stampede week is really free?

It’s more than just free; you actually get free stuff just for showing up! Each of the events is free of charge to UCO students, so why wouldn’t you want to get involved?

What happens to the outdoor events if it rains?

You should already be following us on Twitter or Instagram. This is where you’ll get the most up-to-date info about campus events. If something gets moved or canceled, you’ll hear it there first. You can also call the Student Engagement Office at 405-974-2363 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Can we meet the performers who come to campus?

Some artists will have meet-and-greets, but it really depends on the artist. If they do, we’ll make an announcement via Twitter and at the beginning of their event.

If I’m a commuter, where should I park for Stampede Week events?

Your commuter tag makes it easy to park in the commuter lot. You can also park in the NUC visitor lot, but you still need to pay to park there.