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UCOSA Executive Officers

The UCO Student Association (UCOSA) is composed of three branches (executive, legislative and judicial) and various auxiliary bodies.  

The Executive Branch

The executive branch of the UCO Student Association is composed of the student body president, vice president, and eight executive cabinet members.  The executive cabinet is chosen by the student body president and, with the exception of the director of political affairs, confirmed by the UCO student congress.

Student Body President

Emily Grim is a junior majoring in political science and mass communication. She has been involved with UCOSA for the last three years and is now serving as student body president. In this role, she meets with faculty and staff across campus, advocates for the needs of students and works to help make UCO a better, more welcoming place for all students.

Student Body Vice President 

Christian Coleman is a sophomore majoring in international business and minoring in business law and leadership. The Oklahoma City native serves as the student body vice president, where he assists the president and manages special projects across campus. Christian’s favorite quote reads “Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi. 


The Legislative Branch 

The legislative branch of the UCO Student Association is composed of the UCO Student Congress, which consists of a chair, vice chair, secretary, and senators representing the five undergraduate academic colleges, the college of graduate studies, and students living both on and off campus, as well as seven congressional committees.


James Limbaugh is a sophomore majoring in political science with a minor in leadership and pre-law. He serves as the chairman of the UCOSA congress. As chair, he oversees the legislative branch of UCOSA.

Vice Chair 

Emma Sawyer is a senior majoring in general studies and minoring in theatre. She serves as the vice chair of congress and helps oversee the day to day operations of UCOSA, assisting committees with whatever they need. She also manages running freshman council, which allows students to learn more about leadership opportunities on campus as well as their first look at UCOSA as a whole.


Dillon Rasberry serves as the secretary of the student congress. He oversees the vice chairs of all the committees and is in charge of filing legislation and taking minutes of all congressional and executive meetings. 

The Judicial Branch 

The judicial branch for the UCO Student Association is made up of the supreme court, composed of five justices appointed by the student body president with the advice and consent of the UCO student congress. The supreme court is responsible for all cases arising from questions relating to the UCO student association constitution and all recognized student organization constitutions, except that of residence hall council constitutions, and selects a member of its body to serve as chief justice to preside over all official proceedings.


UCOSA Faculty Adviser

Cole Stanley, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Cole serves as the assistant vice president for Student Affairs and director of Student Life at the University of Central Oklahoma. A position that he has held on campus since the fall of 2005. As part of this position, he serves as one of two primary advisers for the UCO Student Association (UCOSA).

During his career, he has worked at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville as the assistant director of University Housing and served at Kansas State University in housing as well. He received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Oklahoma State University and a master’s in student affairs from Kansas State University. While working at the University of Tennessee, he completed a second master’s degree in sports administration.

At Central, Cole works with the offices of Campus Activities, Diversity and Inclusion, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and chairs the campus CARE Team. He enjoys working with students in all capacities.

Auxiliary Bodies

Other auxiliary bodies include the UCO Freshman Council (under the guidance of the legislative vice chair), the Campus Activities Council and various others.