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If you want to get involved in creating the UCO campus experience, then you should get to know the Student Programming Board.

Made up of UCO students that serve as the members and executive board, the Student Programming Board (SPB) works to produce entertaining, high-quality events for the student body. SPB also strives to help its members develop and model leadership skills as they transform the UCO campus.

SPB is always accepting new members at any time in the year and looking for new event ideas. SPB prides itself on providing a diverse array of programming that provides ‘Free Events, For Students, By Students’. Events and activities include but are not limited to:


Ambassadors works with other campus organizations and partnerships like the Food & Nutrition Club, Fandom Anonymous and Students For Sustainability.

Creative Events

Some of the Creative Events’ productions include various DIY events and Painting and Pastries.


The Daytime committee coordinates daytime-scheduled events like Hump Day and Virtual Reality.

Issue and Ideas

Issues and Ideas are responsible for organizing National Coming Out Day, Election Information, Hot Topics and other educational events.

Pride and Traditions

Pride and Traditions promote UCO school spirit and history with events like Build a Broncho, Swap for Pride, and I Heart Central Week.


The Talent Committee brings us the Stampede Week Headliner, Open Mic Nights, Central Perk and a variety of concert events.

In addition to these events, SPB works to promote SPB itself and offer valuable leadership experiences for its members. These include efforts from the Executive Director, Vice Director and Promotions Director.

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