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It wouldn’t be homecoming without royalty, and each year we recognize members of the UCO community who exemplify the best our campus has to offer. In keeping with this time-honored tradition, our Homecoming Royalty Winners are crowned during halftime at the Homecoming football game.

UCO’s Past Homecoming Royalty Winners


2020: "You're Doing Fine, Central!" - Emily Grim (President's Leadership Council) and Cole MacCollister (President's Leadership Council)

2019 - "Old, New, Bronze and Blue" - Jordan Medaris (President's Leadership Council) and Juan Estrada (President's Leadership Council)

2018 - "Cirque du Central" - Stockton Duvall (Leaders of Tomorrow) and Hannah Mette (Alpha Xi Delta)

2017 - "A Century of Coming Home" - Cash Deitz (Leaders of Tomorrow) and Kalen Russell (President's Leadership Council)

2016 - "Light the Broncho Within" - Austin Sheehy (Pi Kappa Alpha) and Lauren Walker (Alpha Gamma Delta)

2015 - “First & Forever Central” - Daniel Woods (Hooves Up) and McKenzie Hodge (Alpha Gamma Delta)

2014 - "Honor Bronze and Blue" - Matthew Frech (Pi Kappa Alpha) and Shelby Allen (Sigma Kappa)

2013 - "There's No Place Like Central" - Vincent Burr (Diversity Round Table) and Jillian Goodman (Alpha Gamma Delta)

2012 - "All You Need is Central" - Billy Elles (Leaders of Tomorrow) and Terri Bernard (Sigma Phi Lambda)

2011 - "A Tribute to Central" - Britton Adams (Diversity Round Table) and Jessica Harrison (Sigma Kappa)

2010 - " Broncho Up" - Hunter Scott (Sigma Tau Gamma) and Elizabeth Le (Delta Zeta)


2009 - "The Power of UCO" - Nancy Pham (Alpha Gamma Delta) and Brett Middleton (Pi Kappa Alpha)

2008 - "The Greatest Homecoming on Earth" - Meredith Carrick (Sigma Kappa) and Nate Burke (Pi Kappa Alpha)

2007 - "Central Rewind" - Cyndi Munson (Sigma Kappa) and Michael Goodman (Pi Kappa Alpha)

2006 - "Game On!" - Destiny Harris (Alpha Gamma Delta) and Nathan Woolard (ACACIA)

2005 - "Central Revolution-A Century and Beyond" - Daina Dill (Sigma Kappa) and Greg Parker (Pi Kappa Alpha)

2004 - "Showdown at the O.K. Central" - April Atkinson (Alpha Gamma Delta) and Lane Perry (ACACIA)

2003 - Shai Rasmussen and Kenneth Wohl

2002 - Devon Noonan and Kris Janzen

2001 - "Survive the Stampede" - Lynsey Bergren and Brian Downs

2000 - "Homecoming Heroes" - Robin Schaefer and Kurt Jones


1999 Kristine Crain and Lindsay Smith (ACACIA)

1998 - Kimberly Smith (Sigma Kappa) and Dalen McVay (ACACIA)

1997 - Molly Caram and Jarrett Jobe (ACACIA)

1996 - Sarah Wilhite and Dustin Gregory (ACACIA)

1995 - Suzy Bussert

1994 - Sabrina Chang

1992 - Mandy Lim

1991 - Jennifer Davis (Sigma Kappa)

1990 - Heidi Nakonenzi (Alpha Gamma Delta)

1988 and Before

1988 - Chele Benninght

1987 - Lynn Gravitt

1984 - Shelly Burge

1983 - Cathy Christianson

1982 - Michele Merhib

1963 - Joyce Kinzer

1958 - Joan Myrick