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Saul Perez

Saul Perez, President 

Contact Saul about anything President's Leadership Council related. 


Caylee Ralls

Caylee Ralls, Vice President 

Contact Caylee about summer and winter retreats as well as activity reports.


Naomi Wharry 

Naomi Wharry, Secretary

Contact Naomi about meeting minutes, activity reports and excusal forms.


Teagan Jellison

Teagan Jellison, Public Relations Chair

Contact Teagan about social media, the newsletter/agenda and activity reports. 


Gus Cook

Gus Cook, Activities Chair 

Contact Gus about homecoming, UCO campus events and activity reports. 


Ashley Jimenez

Ashley Jimenez, Service Chair

Contact Ashley about how to log service hours, places to volunteer, and activity reports.

Josh Chao

Josh Chao, Senior Representative 

Contact Josh about senior class events and activity reports. 


Sarah Stovall

Sarah Stovall, Junior Representative 

Contact Sarah about junior class events, PLC Banquet and activity reports.


Jimmy Davison

Jimmy Davison, Sophomore Representative 

Contact Jimmy about sophomore class events and activity reports. 


Clare Jordan

Clare Jordan, Incoming Student Representative 

Contact Clare about  incoming PLC class events and activity reports. 


Chloe Falls

Chloe Falls, Freshman Representative 

Contact Chloe about  freshman PLC class events and activity reports.