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Ignite is an intercultural program that provides American students an opportunity to have a transformative experience by spending time with international families.


Program Goals

The goal of Ignite is to expose American students to foreign traditional customs that families practice. It has been a common activity to host a meal for the American students while the family teaches traditions, customs and protocols.

We want students to gain a greater understanding of another culture so that they can relate and appreciate those who are from other parts of the globe.

Through Ignite students will have a transformative opportunity to learn new aspects of a different culture right here in Oklahoma.

Get Involved 

For more information, contact the International House. or visit us during our hours of operation.

If you are an international family living in Oklahoma who is interested in teaching your cultures and traditions to UCO Americans submit a family Ignite application form.

If you are a UCO American student who is interested in participating in cultural exchange, submit a student Ignite application form.