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Community Responding to International Students Program (CRISP)

The Community Responding to International Students Program (CRISP) is designed to bring international students together with American families.  Families from the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas are paired with international students from the University of Central Oklahoma. 


Goal of CRISP

The goal of CRISP is for the families and international students to spend time together at least once a month. This gives international students a firsthand experience of how an American family lives, while American families can learn about other cultures and appreciate the diversity that is represented at UCO.

Additionally, we would like to provide international students with the opportunity to experience the American lifestyle with the comforts of a family. CRISP families can spend time together through individually planned activities or through one of the Centre for Global Competency's monthly CRISP events.

Who can participate in CRISP?

Families who are interested in learning about other cultures or simply want to experience something new. Any UCO international student who has the desire to go beyond the typical life of college students and have a greater experience as an international student in America. 

How to get involved?

Getting involved with CRISP is very easy. Simply fill out an application form.

For more information, contact the International House.


UCO Continuous Cultural Competency Credit

The CRISP program fulfills the three-hour requirement toward UCO faculty and staff member’s Continuous Cultural Competency annual credit; once the faculty/staff member has participated in the program and has submitted a reflection.

View more information about the Continuous Cultural Competency initiative.