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Strategic Planning

Building Bridges to the Future

The strategic plan at the University of Central Oklahoma actively responds to the needs and opportunities of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area (OKC MSA) and engages students in transformative learning education. Foremost, the strategic plan is rooted in the mission and vision statements of the university. These statements are as follows:


The University of Central Oklahoma exists to help students learn by providing transformative education experiences to students so that they may become productive, creative, ethical, and engaged citizens and leaders serving our global community. UCO contributes to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social advancement of the communities and individuals it serves. 


The University of Central Oklahoma will be one of the nation’s top metropolitan universities, serving our community while providing our students the opportunities to achieve their highest level of leadership potential.

In 2011, UCO engaged more than 600 faculty, staff, administrators and community leaders in shaping and crafting the strategic plan known as Vision 2020. The strategic plan was built on four fundamental pillars: Student Success, Transformative Learning, Value and Place.

In 2016, the University Planning Council (UPC) crafted several strategic goals (SG) for each pillar, totaling 12 Strategic Goals.

Student Success

  • SG 1 -  Improve retention rates at all levels.
  • SG 2 -  Improve graduation rates.
  • SG 3 -  Ensure students meet learning outcomes.
  • SG 4 -  Prepare students for post-graduation life.

Transformative Learning 

  • SG 5 - Increase the number of students engaged in high-impact practices, with an emphasis on Transformative Learning (TL) activities.
  • SG 6 - Increase the number of faculty and staff members engaged in transformative learning. 


  • SG 7 - Increase financial support for students.
  • SG 8 - Improve stakeholders’ sense of value.
  • SG 9 - Strategically support specialized accreditation.         


  •  SG 10 - Enhance physical and virtual learning environments, both on campus and throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • SG 11 - Cultivate our relationship with the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • SG 12 - Create an environment that fosters and protects diversity, intellectual and creative expression.

Beyond Vision 2020 

Vision 2020 may be behind us, but the key components and values of that plan have provided a solid foundation for building the future of UCO. Throughout 2020, the UPC collaboratively developed actionable and measurable objectives for each of the Strategic Goals. The objectives defined and addressed new challenges and opportunities. While the fundamentals remain, the strategic plan has become flexible and dynamic for a rapidly changing environment. The new strategic plan is called Evolve.

The new framework for UCO’s strategic plan enables the institution to be nimble in consistently addressing the complexities of a global society. The plan is routinely reviewed and monitored by a cross-divisional team to measure progress and chart a course for accomplishment.