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Central Arch and Old North Clocktower

Strategic Planning

Learn more about University of Central Oklahoma’s strategic plan, Vision 2020. Adopted  in January 2013, the plan establishes a vision for the university for the next seven years.

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 reflects two critical elements of our mission and vision. First, UCO will be a top national metropolitan university. Second, all student experiences will be rooted in transformative learning so our graduates are productive, creative, ethical and engaged citizens and leaders who contribute to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social enhancement of their communities.

Teams of faculty, staff and administrators were organized into four strategic direction teams and charged with recommending annual operational plans that establish measurable objectives and recommend priorities on budgetary allocations.

The strategic directions are:
• Create a culture of collaboration and change;
• Redefine Central as Oklahoma’s metropolitan university;
• Align our outcomes with our mission and vision; and,
• Align our resources to serve strategic stakeholders.

View the executive summary of Vision 2020. (pdf)