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Broncho Health and Well-being

The University of Central Oklahoma is dedicated to the health and well-being of our community, with the goal of empowering our students, faculty and staff through public health information, campus housing protocols and additional resources

UCO continuously monitors the impact of public health on campus, as well as on the city, state, national and global levels. The university strives to remain flexible in order to further the health and safety of its community members.

The Central community should be diligent in looking out for the health, safety and well-being of all Bronchos through kindness and support to all members of our campus community.


Campus Housing Protocols

Housing and Residential Engagement, in partnership with Campus Dining Services, is prepared to house residents as needed during the occurrence of a public health emergency. Current preparations for related situations that may arise include:
  • Designated quarantine rooms with reduced or eliminated contact in shared spaces or bathrooms
  • Meal services with delivery from the daily options available in Ayers Kitchen
  • Sanitation procedures that meet or exceed requirements to reduce transmission

Additional operational changes will be made under the advisement of campus administration and local health officials in accordance with local and CDC guidelines.

Additional Resources

  • Each fall, Central offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get a flu shot on campus.
  • Free at-home COVID-19 tests are now available for U.S. households to order. Fill out the Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests order form for your free tests.
  • The Oklahoma County Health Department provides a wide variety of vaccines to both children and adults. View the OCCHD website for information on available vaccines and cost.
  • The University of Central Oklahoma does not provide an on-site health clinic. As a metropolitan university, UCO refers students to neighboring clinics and hospitals.
  • provides users the ability to find local distribution sites for various vaccines, such as COVID-19 and the flu, when available.