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UCO’s Leadership Minor provides a foundation for modeling effective change and accompanies any degree program. You'll learn to lead from wherever you are, whether that means climbing the career ladder or grassroots organizing. 

Students with a minor in Leadership will find themselves more marketable after graduation. This is due to practical, hands-on coursework and learning the necessary interpersonal and communication skills it takes to be part of a team and work as a leader. 

Learn the necessary skills to be a better, more informed leader in society, and in both public sector and private sector jobs. 

For more information, contact Alyssa Provencio, Ph.D., director of the Leadership minor.



Selected courses will require involvement in activities providing practical experiences in leadership opportunities. Students with a minor in Leadership will find themselves more marketable after graduation, as well as better prepared to be productive members of a changing workforce and changing society.



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Students at UCO are able to change their major and/or minor at any point during their academic career. In order to change a major or minor,  schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

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Course Frequency

Find out when courses required for the Leadership minor are offered so you can plan your schedule.

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Internships are an excellent way to receive credit toward your Leadership minor, make connections in surrounding communities, and put the skills you have learned into action. 

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