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The UCO College of Education and Professional Studies graduates approximately 150 students each year who will enter the teaching profession.  Many of these professionals will have an opportunity to supplement their income by coaching. Currently, many coaches of youth and scholastic sports have little to no formal education specific to the position. 

Sport participation can have far-reaching effects physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually in the lives of young people.  Responsible coaches should be educated and prepared to contribute to the positive influence sport has on individuals and society.  The quality of the experiences gained through participation in sport are greatly impacted by the competencies and qualifications of coaches.  Appropriate training is fundamental.  Proper education for potential coaches should prepare coaches in the areas of sport administration, sports ethics, mental training, strength training, nutrition, in addition to training methods specific to the sport or sports chosen.

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A Coaching minor will include the following areas of study:

  • First Aid with CPR and treatment of athletic injuries
  • Psychology of sports
  • Organization and administration of high school athletics
  • Specified instruction in coaching a range of sports

Career Opportunities

A Coaching minor will assist students pursuing career opportunities in the following fields:

  • Secondary education coach
  • Athletics administration
  • Community recreational coach