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Micro-credential Overview

Earners of the Python Fundamentals micro-credential have completed UCO’s ENGR4910/5910 or PSM910. This 8-week course covers the essentials of data science and visualization using Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages in the field today. The micro-credential aims to give you the practical skills needed to structure, read and analyze various types of data and create powerful visualizations to communicate insights with impact. No prior background in programming is required.

What can you do with this micro-credential?

  • Understand Python language syntax.
  • Be familiar with Jupyter notebooks.
  • Understand and use data visualization.
  • Import and clean data.
  • Experience working with NumPy arrays.
  • Foundational usage of statistical tools for working with data sets.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in pandas Series and pandas DataFrames.
  • Problem-solve when working with CSV and Excel data sources.
Python Fundamentals micro-credential badge

Intended Audience

  • UCO students completing ENGR4910/5910 or PSM5910 Python Programming with Data Visualization.

Instruction Method

• Online synchronous sessions.


• Fall and spring semesters, as offered.


  • Those interested must be enrolled as a student in UCO’s ENGR4910/5910 or PSM5910 Python Programming with Data Visualization course. Registration for this micro-credential is included in the course enrollment.


  • The micro-credential fee is sponsored by the University of Central Oklahoma School of Engineering, at no cost to participants.

Contact Information

What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials provide new opportunities to demonstrate specific knowledge, skills and abilities in ways that create a more complete picture of your capabilities. Upon successful completion and verification of the micro-credential requirements, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed and verified online, such as on resumes or professional social media profiles. Digital micro-credentials can provide another way to demonstrate your achievement of competencies and allows you to clearly communicate your capabilities to others.