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Micro-credential Overview

The introduction to forensic science micro-credential is designed to provide the learner with a comprehensive understanding of today’s crime laboratories and investigative techniques used in the proper collection, preservation and analysis of evidence. The learner will be introduced to scientific, technological, and experientially based procedures as they are applied in today’s criminal justice system.

What will you be able to do with this micro-credential?

  • Describe the techniques, skills and limitations of the modern forensic science laboratory.
  • Evaluate the limitations of physical evidence through science, technology and experientially based disciplines.
  • Distinguish the proper procedures to recognize, collect and preserve evidence correctly.
  • Describe, in basic terms, the scientific, technological, and experientially based principles involved in the techniques used in forensic science laboratories and the need for a structured quality assurance program.
  • Analyze the interconnectivity between criminal investigators, the law and forensic science.
  • Demonstrate, through problem-solving skills, a comprehensive and innovative understanding of evidence and the ability of forensic science to assist in investigations.
  • Recognize the importance of ethical behavior in forensic science.

Intended Audience

  • Learners interested in forensic science, parents of UCO students, high school students and lifelong learners

Instruction Method

  • Self-paced online


  • Participants may register at any time



  • $99

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What is a Micro-credential?

Micro-credentials provide new opportunities to demonstrate specific knowledge, skills and abilities in ways that create a more complete picture of your capabilities. Upon successful completion and verification of the micro-credential requirements, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed and verified online, such as on resumes or professional social media profiles. Digital micro-credentials can provide another way to demonstrate your achievement of competencies and allows you to clearly communicate your capabilities to others.