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Micro-credential Overview

This micro-credential is meant to help educators create AI guidelines and assignments or AI literacy activities for their classrooms. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about Large Language Models (LLMs) and how generative AI might impact their courses and assignments.

What will you be able to do with this micro-credential?

  • Understand what Large Language Models are and how they work;
  • Understand what ChatGPT is and isn't;
  • Critically examine the role of AI in the classroom;
  • Communicate expectations for AI usage; and,
  • Implement AI in the classroom as a tool for learning.

Intended Audience

  • UCO Faculty or faculty from other institutions who participate in the 21CPI program.

Instruction Method

  • Online, synchronous course


  • Fall, spring and summer semesters



  • This micro-credential fee is included in the registration for the associated 21CPI course, at no additional cost to participants.

Contact Information

  • Laura Dumin, Ph.D., professor
    Technical Writing Program

What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials provide new opportunities to demonstrate specific knowledge, skills and abilities in ways that create a more complete picture of your capabilities. Upon successful completion and verification of the micro-credential requirements, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed and verified online, such as on resumes or professional social media profiles. Digital micro-credentials can provide another way to demonstrate your achievement of competencies and allows you to clearly communicate your capabilities to others.