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Micro-credential Overview

Got a noisy guitar rig? Sick of hearing all that hum, buzz and hiss? In this course, we are going to discover why and how noise enters our guitar rig and what we can do to reduce it!

What will you be able to do with this micro-credential?

  • Recognize the different kinds of noise you will encounter.
  • Know how and why the guitar is uniquely susceptible to noise.
  • Understand signal-to-noise ratio and how to combat it.
  • Isolate and identify noise.
  • Make informed equipment and setup decisions to reduce noise.

Intended Audience

  • ACM@UCO students
  • Hobbyist guitar players
  • Professional guitar players
  • Live sound engineers
  • Producers

Instruction Method

  • Self-paced, online


  • Participants may register at any time



  • This micro-credential fee is sponsored by ACM@UCO at no cost to participants

Contact Information

  • Nick Poss, lecturer

What is a Micro-credential?

Micro-credentials provide new opportunities to demonstrate specific knowledge, skills and abilities in ways that create a more complete picture of your capabilities. Upon successful completion and verification of the micro-credential requirements, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed and verified online, such as on resumes or professional social media profiles. Digital micro-credentials can provide another way to demonstrate your achievement of competencies and allows you to clearly communicate your capabilities to others.