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Students in the Master of Arts in liberal studies program will be expected to exhibit enhanced capacities for both analytic and synthetic thought, particularly in the areas of critical inquiry and aesthetic analysis. In addition to the who, what, when and where, or the content of their educational experience, students will focus on the more important issues of why and how. These cognitive skills should be particularly evidenced in the analysis of diverse civilizations and their creative and philosophic contributions to the global community.

Courses You'll Take

The liberal studies program will teach students to think and write critically about the major traditions of Western civilization. Students will comprehend the fundamental systems of analysis for a multitude of cultural disciplines, such as philosophy, art, literature, architecture, religion, music and history while understanding the interrelatedness of these subsets of the humanities.


Requirements for Admission

  • Online application for admission.
  • Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from each institution attended with all degrees posted. All transcripts must be from accredited institutions.
  • Undergraduate transcripts must show: 
    • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all institutions attended that record a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 and a minimum of 3.00 in the last 60 hours. 
    • Completion of 18 hours in one or more disciplines of the Liberal Arts with a minimum GPA of 3.00
  • The Graduate Records Examination (GRE) may be used for admission if the undergraduate GPA does not meet the minimum requirement. A score of 153 (500 on the unrevised score scale) on the verbal portion and a 4.0 on the writing assessment is required.
  • Students with a native language other than English must submit evidence of English language proficiency.
    *Students falling below these standards may qualify for conditional admission.

Note: Students must meet with faculty mentor/advisor in group or individual advisement session before enrolling.