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You will expand your proficiency in design with an M.F.A. in Design. Our program will excel you in developing unique, innovative and effective design solutions, communicating concepts and solutions clearly, understanding philosophies, theories and terminology of design, rendering, executing and producing design, presenting concepts and solutions orally and in writing, and developing high standards of professional practice. You will have the skills to further your career in Design Education by teaching in the classroom at the college level, and you will be able to research advanced topics in design.

Courses You'll Take

The Design curriculum embraces and integrates art, advertising and communication. The program at UCO has grown into the largest program between Kansas City and North Texas. It has truly become a center of excellence at UCO.

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Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

The UCO College of Fine Arts and Design annually awards more than $150,000 in scholarships with more than 90 scholarship opportunities.  Our talented and ambitious students ensure that CFAD remains a center for excellence in the fine and performing arts. CFAD scholarships recognize the dedication displayed in the classroom, in performances and in exhibitions, as well as help our students make their studies a primary focal point and not monetary stress.

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Design career opportunities include: 

  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Package Designer
  • Commercial Design
  • Residential Design
  • In-store Design
  • Renovations


Take advantage of these opportunities which may spark your interest and even boost your resume.