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Online Master of Education in Library Media Education

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Learn to encourage a lifelong love of reading and promote information access with an online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in library media education from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Connected Campus.

For decades, school libraries have fostered literacy and guided information exploration—both for personal curiosity and research. This program, mixing fully online with hybrid learning, instructs you in best practices and techniques for managing this environment in a Pre-K–12 setting, becoming an information leader in the school community and connecting students with print and digital resources. 

Coursework helps you earn an M.Ed. and pursue the Oklahoma School Library Media Specialist Certification or add an additional credential on top of your existing master’s degree.

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About the Online M.Ed. in Library Media Education

School libraries go beyond collections of books. Especially with digital technology, they’re creative spaces supporting students’ inquisitiveness. This format also reinforces literacy skills, gets them interested in reading for personal enjoyment and provides information resources to supplement their academic progress. Added to this, a library’s setting tends to be somewhat unstructured but serves a few key purposes within the school or district community. 

UCO’s online master’s degree in library media education equips you to manage this environment and ultimately cultivate students’ passion for reading and learning. At the same time, we acknowledge that many school librarians are also advocates for literacy and information access and support teachers’ lesson plans. 

This online program based on American Library Association (ALA) and American Association of School Librarians (AASL) standards help you progress into this role or switch career paths in your school:

  • Learn to develop instructional programs that captivate students’ interest and get them thinking critically;
  • Discover techniques for promoting reading for learning purposes, personal growth and enjoyment;
  • Become someone who facilitates ethical and equitable access to physical, digital and virtual information resources;
  • Strengthen your leadership and communication skills to advocate for the school library and its programs, resources and services;
  • Help a school’s library grow by learning to evaluate resources, programs and services and their role within the school community; 
  • Develop a theoretical, philosophical and practical knowledge base to oversee a public school, private school or other institutional library program; and,
  • Get exposed to all key components and competencies needed to take the School Library Media Specialist Oklahoma Subject Area Test (038).


This online master’s degree in library media education serves as a stepping stone for obtaining certification as a school library media specialist in the state of Oklahoma for grades Pre-K–12. To help you pursue certification:

  • Course content reflects the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s requirements for standard certification as a school library media specialist;
  • Students who have already earned an M.Ed. can take 24 credit hours of specialized courses to sit for the School Library Media Specialist Oklahoma Subject Area Test (038);
  • Students who have not yet earned a master’s, take 36 credit hours to receive this credential and prepare for their certification exam; and,
  • Courses blend online and hybrid learning, with most subjects requiring three-five on-campus visits per semester.

To receive School Library Media Specialist Certification, you must:

  • Complete a portfolio with prescribed documents;
  • Successfully pass the School Library Media Specialist Oklahoma Subject Area Test (038) with an 80% or higher score; and,
  • Have a teaching certification in an initial area within the first 12 hours of coursework. 

Students who already hold a master’s degree but are seeking School Library Media Specialist Certification must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all courses.


The curriculum for the online M.Ed. in library media education covers the following competencies to prepare you to seek certification:

  • Strengthen your quantitative and qualitative research skills;
  • Explore historical and temporary resources to create meaningful literature and information experiences for elementary school and young adult students;
  • Familiarize yourself with national, regional and state guidelines and standards for organizing a school media library; 
  • Better understand the role of a school library media center, from its history to current issues to develop more engaging programming and a clear mission;
  • Discover strategies for integrating literacy and information access into a school’s curriculum, and see how you can promote the library as a universal tool of learning and research;
  • Curate and organize print and nonprint collections that support a school’s academic objectives, and learn to instruct students on using and accessing these resources; 
  • Learn how to locate, evaluate and use the information available in a school library, from physical resources to databases and electronic reference materials; and, 
  • Enhance the library’s learning experience through technology, both as a research tool and for information management.

Review the full curriculum for the M.Ed. in library media education

Review all courses for the Library Media Certification Specialist Preparation program


Help curious minds discover a passion for knowledge and the written word. Based on figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, librarians and library media specialists will see 9% percent more positions emerge nationally between 2019 and 2029

Your degree from UCO positions you to make an impact as a library media specialist in a public or private school. Your skills further enrich additional career paths, including as a public, academic or special librarian. 

Along with pursuing certification to kick-start your career, start growing your networking by participating in the following community and professional organizations:

Prepare for a Rewarding New Career with an Online M.Ed. in Library Media Education from UCO

You love reading and understand the importance of effective, multifaceted research, so learn to encourage and instruct young minds in these pursuits with an online master’s degree in library media education from UCO. If you have any questions about the program, request additional information today.