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The Master of Education in Educational Leadership offers a degree in school administration K-12. The degree program is based on requirements for the Elementary or Secondary School Principal Standard Certificate as set forth by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Educational Leadership degree program prepares school leaders who demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for future administrators. The curricula are designed in an integrated problem-based mode to promote an understanding of the relationships between the various knowledge and skill areas in education leadership. Clinical internship tasks and field experiences provide the necessary transition from the study of content areas toward a more realistic workplace experience.

Master of Education

Educational Leadership

Introductory Video

Student Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:
  • Implement programs and exhibit leadership competencies in educational administration in public and private schools including the principalship and superintendency.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of key concepts of transformative learning: collaboration, leadership, communication, and decision making.
  • Implement educational competencies.
  • Collaborate in service-learning and initiate civic engagement.
  • Students are equipped to assume educational leadership roles
  • Regularly and alternatively certified candidates will exhibit leadership competencies with individuals with exceptionalities.

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School Principal Certification

Upon completion of certain Educational Leadership classes, students have the opportunity to receive an Oklahoma School Principal Certification. This certification requires students to pass the principal common core and the grade level elementary and/or secondary curriculum examinations.

Certification Courses and Requirements 

Career Opportunities


The Educational Leadership degree program prepares instructional leaders who demonstrate the knowledge and skills required of future school administrators. Clinical internship tasks and multiple field experiences inform students of the numerous career opportunities available to certified school administrators.